RE-Imagined! IMAges with flair

Hello, I'm Tiffany Duncan

I love to take pictures

Of all creatures....

And plants....

And the elements....

My favorite photo subject though, is people.

Sometimes I like to reimagine the photos...

By adding light and movement...

The photos come to life!

Any photo can be reimagined......

I decided to put this hobby to work at my school where I am a Technology Coach. The sixth grade needed to raise funds for their service learning project.

Artistic photo example

Old time photo example

Fun photo example

Artistic photo example

First, the customer would choose an artistic, fun, or old time theme.

Next, they would choose props from the donated grab bag.

Finally they would pose for the shot.

When needed, I would put in a background photo.

I would then add the necessary editing effects using various apps on the iPad. All photos were completed from start to finish on the iPad and emailed to the customer.

This was a few years ago so iPad photo resolution has since improved.

The quality of the photos fit our needs at the time though.

Sometimes it was necessary to add clothing and hats.

The project was a huge success and the sixth grade was thrilled!

And as for me?

I just keep on reimagining.........

Thanks for reimagining with me!

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Tiffany Duncan

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