Main Street of Wheaton, MN

I grew up in a small town of Wheaton, MN where the population is about 1,400. Growing up here there was not much to do. If you really wanted to do something you would have to either go to Breckenridge, Fargo, or Alexandra.

Lake Travers

As a kid growing up here my life was full of school, playing outside, going to my godfathers shop, and playing sports. During the summer I would spend a lot of time on the lake going fishing, riding bike or just walking around the town that I called home.

Little Girl Thinking

When living in a small town you often learn to take care of one another. When bad things happen, everyone stands behind you and helps lift you back up. Growing up in a small town was good, but I was always left with the same questions. 'Why can I say one thing but not another', or even 'Why do I need to hold my tough'?

Lots of People In Time Square

As I grew up I learned a few things that would answer these questions for me. One, if you don't have the right last name you will not get anywhere in my town. People that ask 'how are you doing' don't really mean it till its to late. People don't want to know your opinion. Finally, depending on how you are, people don't even want to hear your voice.

Old Main at NDSCS

Before I came to NDSCS, I hardly ever talked to people unless someone directed a question to me. I never told people what I was doing, how life was, and what my thoughts about something were. I was extremely quite because I new from growing up in my town that my voice meant nothing.

A Phrase About Passion

I never knew going into English 210 that I would have to voice my opinion, take a stance on an issue that is bothering me, and then make that voice big enough for people to listen to. I though it was just going to be one research paper after another, but it was much more. I had to dig deep, find what I was passionate about, and then I had to let everything out in what I wrote.

Clay Person Blowing a Blow Horn

This was different for me because in high school, when I had to write about something I often chose topics that I was not passionate about. This made it really hard to create papers because of multiple reasons. Some reasons were because I thought the topic was boring, I had no passion, no intention of accomplishing it, or because of the lack of motivation. Now that I have experienced English 210, I am able to create papers that I am extremely passionate about, and accentual want to do.

The Future

From this class I have learned many things. Things that I hope will help my future career as a Clinical Psychiatrist. I want to be able to speak out about mental illness not only for the experiences I have been though but for other peoples experiences as well. I want to be the person that talks for all the people that are scared to be judged, or being put down, or even scared of being shunned from there communities. This class has taught me that I do have that ability, which just makes me one step closer to getting to my dream.

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