If You're Responsible for HIPAA Compliance in Your Organization, This Story's for You. Scroll down to learn more.

Introducing an easier, more cost-effective way to assess and address HIPAA compliance.

Meet Bob. Like you, he's in charge of making sure all the departments and business associates he oversees are HIPAA compliant. He's well-aware of the importance of safeguarding Protected Health Information. But he knows, too, that HIPAA compliance can be a daunting and often confusing task for the entities who answer to him.

The search for a solution

"Wish I could hire a whole crew of HIPAA experts," Bob said. "I'd send them into the field to not only assess how offices are doing, but to also help folks understand everything they need to do to protect health data and avoid the penalties of non-compliance."

Needless to say, a staffing ramp-up like that wasn't in the budget. Not even close. But Bob discovered something just as good. Maybe even better:

The online tools of Touchstone Compliance

Instead of time-consuming site visits, checklists, and having to manage all kinds of compliance paperwork and e-files, Bob opted for the simple convenience of Touchstone's interactive tools to guide his charges through a self-assessment process.

"Log on to touchstonecompliance.com -- anytime -- from any computer, laptop, or tablet," Bob told them.

There they'd find the Compliance Assessor, a user-friendly question-and-answer tool that:

  • Covers the same issues of Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification HHS auditors examine.
  • Provides an objective and accurate assessment of their current level of compliance.
  • Produces a score, along with a report clearly identifying what still needs to be addressed.
  • Insures consistency in the standards used for assessment.
  • Provides hard-copy evidence of the time spent and the steps taken to address compliance.
  • Is always current with the latest versions of the law.

And Touchstone's Compliance Educator tool that:

  • Guides users in understanding and implementing HIPAA regulations.
  • Tracks and records time spent with the tool.
  • Provides an easy way to prove the training aspect of HIPAA has been fulfilled.
"Touchstone's online tools are the easiest way I've seen to get a handle on HIPAA." - David Nelson, former Chief Privacy Officer for the County of San Diego

The benefits of using the cloud

A system that's cloud-based offers real money-saving and time-saving advantages over traditional software solutions. Touchstone's:

  • Eliminates the need to install special software and continually hassle with things like licenses, patches, and updates.
  • Requires no extra upgrades, additional storage, or any support from the user's IT department.
  • Is ultra-secure. (How secure? For most banks, the industry standard is a 256K SSL encryption key. Touchstone boasts one that's 4096K!)
  • Stores the results in the cloud, allowing secure and convenient access to those with a need to know.

Your job as an adminstrator responsible for HIPAA compliance isn't easy. Let Touchstone Compliance make it easier.

A State of California Preferred Vendor | Business Certification #1789304

www.touchstonecompliance.com | 858.779.4842

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