Mesurements By 2 year five pupils

10mm- 1cm. 100cm-1m. 1000m-1km 10ml-1cl 100cl- 1l 10mg-1cg 100cg-1g 1000g-1kg

There is 10mm in1cm. This is because 1mm is ten times smaller than 1cm. So this means 1 cm is ten times smaller than 1 m, 1m is ten times smaller than 1km

For different measurements there is different letters that stand for the measurements e.g. G stands for grams and Kg stands for kilograms.

You would measure a book in centimetres. This book is 19.5 cm. You would measure the wideness of things in mm and a room in meters

If you wanted to measure things in weight you would use grads and kilograms and tons. Things like apples and flour and sugar you would weigh them in grams. For things like people and bags of food and animals you would measure them in kilograms. Finally for things like dinosaurs and buildings and cars you would use tons.

Some dinosaurs can weigh 7 tones like the dilophosaures

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