Red Panda by: lucy nunnelley and holly Katte

The endangered animal we chose was the red panda.

A red panda is a mammal with a body resembling a bear. It is a red animal with black and white markings. Red pandas are very skilled and acrobatic animals.

The red panda lives in southern Asia in temperate forests. They mostly eat bamboo. Although, in the spring and summer they eat fruit and insects.

Red pandas are endangered because of deforestation. When the trees are being cut down, red pandas re losing their homes.

Deforestation is causing red pandas to run low on resources and to not have homes. This is causing them to reproduce less and die off.

Individuals and responsible companies are trying to stop deforestation by using less paper, recycling, planting trees and purchasing recycled products.

Red pandas are very fun-loving animals whose lives are in danger because their homes are being taken away. We hope in the future we can save them and put deforestation to and end.

Created By
Lucy Nunnelley Holly Katte


Created with images by Pexels - "animal branch cute"

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