The Darkest Nothing PARAPHRENIA

First Official Teaser Trailer for THE DARKEST NOTHING: PARAPHRENIA (2018)

The human mind is darker than the Deep Web...

After taking revenge for his 7-year old daughter, William “Neuron” creates the most controversial web show, the first real RED ROOM with live video streaming. He and his crew are focusing on psychological terror and how the human mind works, by using snuff and horror techniques, dangerous illegal methods and gore.

The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds. (William James)

The first live psycho-terror session focuses on Judy, a girl who suffers from the Fregoli Syndrome. She is incapable of finding a distinction between fiction and reality. Her long journey in morbidity, her visits in the Dark Web and her obsession for horror fiction and movies, have completely destroyed her personality. Neuron forces her to revive her experiences in the flesh, while his crew is mangling her body for the viewers of this nasty website. It doesn’t matter what is real and what is fake. This is the closest anybody can ever get to the truth about the dark side of the human mind...

The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks which use the Internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. The dark web forms a small part of the deep web, the part of the Web not indexed by web search engines, although sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the dark web.

The movie is a unique exercise in absolute suspense, with no boundaries, and is focusing on real events, real crimes, real Deep and Dark Web incidents, videos and movies/music, and how they all affect us. 100 minutes full with adrenaline without stopping, without the usual cinematic balance, tougher than any cyber crime thriller you have ever watched.

The first official clip from the upcoming movie doesn't give much away about the methods and the whole process. Only existing software and real equipment is used, nothing is fictional. This is the first attempt of the group to create the idea of a "RED ROOM", a torturing space where the victim is mentally and physically destroyed in front of a camera or a live audience.

Red Rooms with live streaming video are not possible until now, because of the limitations of Deep Web speed protocol and the way that the .onion websites re-direct information to keep the anonymity of the website and the viewer.

First Official Clip for THE DARKEST NOTHING: PARAPHRENIA (2018)

A unique exercise in terror in a form of an illegal psychotherapy, this is the first appearance of "NEURON" in front of Judy. Neuron's "Terror Crew" uses projection mapping to manipulate and emphasize the thoughts and reactions of Judy, with images and videos synchronized to Neuron's words. At the same time they stream the video live on their .onion Deep Web site, by using a new code and software, instead of using normal web platforms that allow high quality streaming video. A few glitches and some common mistakes are embraced by Neuron, as they add to the authenticity of the broadcast. Judy isn't prepared for all those weird "magic" tricks and illusions, but this is just he beginning of the whole thing. Everything becomes darker and more personal and even scarier and more dangerous afterwards...
Paraphrenia (from Ancient Greek: παρά – beside, near + φρήν – intellect, mind) is a mental disorder characterized by an organized system of paranoid delusions with or without hallucinations (the positive symptoms of schizophrenia) without deterioration of intellect or personality (its negative symptom).
Darkness and fear forced humans to create families, houses, towns and society in general. We came a long way from gathering our food from the ground or hunting wild animals, but the evil side of mankind grows along with technological and mental evolution, finds new ways and creates new shocks.

We are always attracted by death and violence, but nowadays we prefer to watch it on big and small screens instead of stadiums and on the street. It seduces us, and it will always remain profitable. The ugly dark side of life is what makes us better humans, we need to study it, to understand how it works, why it is so powerful. I cannot close my eyes to what I have seen and watched, I know it is out there. Real horror found new ways to disguise itself and hide from the law by using technology and the Deep Web, but don't get fooled, the streets look safer now, but the guy or girl next door can actually be a real monster or a criminal or even a serial killer or a rapist. They don't look like criminals, we all look the same. Inform yourself and don't stay blind...

We need to dig deep into our souls, to search for answers and be able to face the gruesome reality. I understand that people need to have fun and watch silly movies or happy endings, but there has to be a film series out there that tells the truth, exactly like it is, without any fictional sci-fi elements, without fake programs and cool gadgets, without "bad-ass" mobsters and assassins.

I love reality and the realistic approach, it's not "Cinéma vérité", no anarchy, everything is cinematic and totally entertaining, but you won't be able to forget it, it will hit a raw nerve inside you, it will force you to face the truth about yourself, your life, your choices... I want to make a difference, I want to tell it like it is! This is The Dark-est No-Thing world!! (Filip Halo, director)


  • Vanessa Barre as Judy
  • Filip Halo as William / "Neuron" - the ex-psychiatrist
  • Kristina Kostiv as Jessica
  • Ulrich Günther as Raud
  • Moloch as "Butcher"
  • Piet Baltissen as Jack, the editor
  • Paul Hantzsch as Anthony, the FX artist
  • Daniel Brach as Lars, the cameraman of the show
  • José Hidalgo as "Mils", the web designer
  • Marielle Ronja Prinz as Marion
  • Sofia Filonos as "Judy", an ex-patient of William
  • Silke Simon as Grimhilda
  • Raisa-Gabriela Laleva as William's ex-wife
  • Philip Barth as Mark


  • Assistant Producer: Wayne Graves
  • Cinematography: Philipp Peißen, Filip Halo, Markus Baumeister
  • Assistant Director: Gabby Bergers
  • Lighting: Filip Halo, Björn Mus
  • Script: Filip Halo
  • Producer: Filip Halo
  • Director: Filip Halo
Screenshots from the movie
The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia (2018) Posters

Check out the other movies from the Darkest Nothing film series bellow:

The Darkest Nothing: Zygophrenia (short)

Mark’s descent into the Deep Web drug dealing, before he introduced his girlfriend Jessica to Neuron. Jessica participates in a nasty video titled “Jessica’s Destruction”, that changes her and Neuron forever. That video is the reason for the events that follow in “Paraphrenia”. The movie deals with the infamous Silk Road website and the alternatives that followed it and how new drugs are freely distributed among users and sellers. A special focus on one of the most terrible cheap drugs on the market with a taboo twist, is presented in full detail in the movie. The shock elements go hand in hand with the dramatic representation of the couple's everyday problems. The title translates as "Couple's Schizophrenia". Zygophrenia is the reason that every person in this world experiences boredom and creates problems after a while in any type of relationship, no matter what the sex or the age are.

The Darkest Nothing: Algolagnia (short)

“Jessica’s Destruction” full video, where Neuron re-created the notorious “Daisy’s Destruction” in a Hellraiser style, full with mysticism and painful torturing. The movie references a notorious real video, that is totally illegal worldwide, created by a real monster, who got caught afterwards, after he sold it to various "customers" for 10K online. Algos means PAIN and Lagnia means LUST. The movie combines Kinbaku (Shibari) bondage art with one of the last ultimate taboos worldwide, self mutilation for sexual pleasure. This is the first encounter for Neuron and his crew with the world of extreme BDSM, something that will play a huge role in their future, right after Paraphrenia. The video contains very graphic images and is probably not suitable for people under 18 (or 21 in some countries).

The Darkest Nothing: Ideophrenia (short)

The introduction of “Butcher”, who acts as the executioner in the RED ROOM. A deeply oppressed guy, who lived in the shadow of his outlaw brother, who constantly abused him. Ideophrenia translates as obsession with morbidity and perverse ideas, ranging from horror movies and images, to a dark life style or the need to be scary to others. The whole concept of Ideophrenia comes closer to a gangster action thriller, with deep psychological roots. Surprising elements inside, will link Ideophrenia's events to Paraphrenia, with some unexpected results for the future of the main characters.

The Darkest Nothing: Gynophagia (short)

From the filthy drawings of Dolcett to the infamous disgusting Cannibal Cafe and Armin Meiwes, this is the ultimate taboo and the most controversial subject ever. Neuron’s website attracts the attention of a rich Russian businessman, who claims that he has watched a real Gynophagia video and wants to spend a lot of money on such a production. Gynophagia literally means EATING WOMEN, one of the most weird and notorious taboos that exist today, with its roots in Ancient history and Masonry (Freemasonry). There is no video anywhere to find, that proves that Gynophagia is a real thing, only fake photo-shootings and 3D graphics and drawings. Gynophagia is present in a lot of the older media we have, the most widely recognized being a helpless woman being boiled alive by a native tribe when the hero rescues her. Another example would be in Little Red Riding Hood where the wolf devours the young girl, but this could also be classified as a separate but similar fetish called Vorarephillia. This is so specific and so weird, but also one of the nastiest and most gruesome fantasies ever! Due to the nature of this movie, a minimum of 18 or 21 years of age in some countries is suggested for the viewers, no matter the taste or the experience in dark subjects. This movie goes a step beyond horror.

The Darkest Nothing: Raptio (2018)

William’s story before Paraphrenia in the Netherlands, after saving a girl from human trafficking and raising her child as his own daughter, before losing them both. Human trafficking is still one of the huge problems in many countries, with the Netherlands being almost in the center of the problem in Europe.

The Darkest Nothing: Fear (2019) VR

A virtual reality feature film about the element of real fear. More information about the project coming soon!

Contact: info@incubofilms.de

Copyright Incubofilms - Filip Halo 2018. All rights reserved.


Filip Halo, Björn Mus, Piet Baltissen

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