Selena Quintanilla

Nombre:Selena Quintanilla

fecha de nacimiento : April 16,1971

Profesion: Singer

de donde es? :Brazilan and american

Selena Quintanilla made a lot of accomplishments in her life time but the biggest on i think would be her ALMA award for an outstanding album and Grammy award for best Mexican/ American album. in my opinion Selena put lots of impact on many people that would change there life time. She is a big insperation and an amazing singer and will be remebered and left behind an amazing legacy.

Selena made a lot of impact on peoples life like i said before, She was truly a queen of Tejano music, she was A Latina child star! She brought all of the Latinos together with her music Selena is an amazing person and has a lot of impact on peoples life and will always be remembered she left behind an amazing legacy and i want everyone to remember her till this day.

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