#FOODIS April 26-May 26, 2021

At the Dr. Peter Centre, health begins with wholesome, nutrient-dense food.

Learn why food is important to participants Dave and Amy.

Help us raise $20,000 from April 26—May 26, 2021

Food is critical for people living with HIV/AIDS.

It fulfils necessary nutritional requirements and allows participants to socialize and connect in a warm community of care.

Food is nourishment and self-care.

At the Dr. Peter Centre, we serve two meals daily: breakfast and lunch, 7 days a week, for a total of 73,500 meals annually.

“The food is amazing. I feel like a world-class citizen when I come in.” Dave, participant

For those who are underserved and living with HIV, food isn’t always at hand. Having access to food decreases the level of anxiety for participants. Having food means you’re able to make your doctor’s appointment. It takes living to another level.

The math is simple: good food means better health and better health means less cost to the health-care system. That’s true for everyone, and at the Dr. Peter Centre it’s no different.

Help us raise $20,000 from April 26—May 26, 2021

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