Capturing Waves of Eye Candy

Ay, suh dudes. The name's Brandon Shields, I will be posting pictures, assignments, and different projects onto here kind of as a portfolio but having fun at the same time. More content will come by soon, but in the mean time, enjoy my first picture in this class, I call it Shellies!

Comparison with strong diagonal
1st picture has strong diagonal 2nd picture is run off 3rd picture is using rule of thirds
This is a tintype picture I created for my Digital Photography class. I feel like giving an older style of photography to a modern photograph is a cool thing, especially since this picture has a screen that projects a picture on it. It also has an irony because back when tintype pictures were relevant, there were no screens to show a picture on so you wouldn't know if it was the perfect picture until it was fully developed
Left is the cyanotype print I've created and to the right is what I printed out in order to get the cyanotype effect on the picture. You can probably see that the two pictures have the opposite, or inverse, colors. This is
'Man ray Style' Pictures
Created By
Brandon Shields


Created with images by Julien.Belli - "Strong"

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