Should We Have Zoos? By Gabriel.r

Having zoos can keep animals safe from people who want to hunt/kill them. Zoo programs can keep animals safe from natural disasters and human disasters

Zoos can also inspire other people to help animals or start new programs to save animals.

We should keep zoos so animal programs can help the endangered animals. We should keep zoos so they can raise money so the animal programs can keep going. Zoos also raise lots of money: they make $160 million yearly that's the Association of zoos and Aquariums working together.

We should have zoos so that scientists can study animals better so we can learn more about them. We should have zoos so kids/parents can learn/care about animals. Having zoos can continue animal life and save endangered animals. We should keep zoos because they can help animal if they are sick they also get plenty of people visiting them they also can be fed by the

visitors coming to see them. Zoo animals can have fun when people come to see them.

We should have zoo's so animals do not hurt us and we don’t hurt them. Having zoos can help sick animals that need to be treated with the right medicine that the animal needs. Having zoos many save animals that are killed by their predators that are killing them off too quickly that need to be saved.


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