Good Life FMNH Assignment By: jordan barouh

Nature on Display: I found this exhibit to be truly break taking as it displayed thousands of species of butterflies from around the world. I found this to be some unbelievable because I have never thought of butterflies as such a large species with so many variations. Along with this I personally was astonished on the amount of research done on each individual one. This exhibit made me put nature into perspective and realize how much more of the world there is for me to explore.
Nature and Ethics: This natural history museum did not make me view nature through Leopolds eyes due to the fact that I have always had that opinion on humans. We are part of the community of earth, we are not its conquerers. Thus this exhibit made me appreciate the beauty of such a delicate creature such as the butterfly as well as marvel in the unbelievable community we have created them. This exhibit serves as a reminder that it is our job to help with conservation efforts of our earth to ensure species such as the butterflies remain around.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This exhibit helped me realize how insignificant I am to this earth. The fact that I neglect that thousands of other species live amongst me everyday is baffling. Along with this it helped me realize that my power is nothing compared to that of nature, this can clearly be seen as the jaw in the picture above looks like it eats my home for breakfast. However it also teaches me to admire all the beauty nature has to offer and treat that as my natural television.

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