Women in combat roles by: Jon (G. I. Ginger) Elkins

Many men underestimate females in the military. Especially when it comes to placing them in combat roles.

for many reasons females should be utmost respected for joining up in a primarily male role.

One issue with females in combat roles is their fitness levels.

It it nowhere near where the men are, and could potentially be harmful to themselves and to others.

The Army should have a set physical standard for all soldiers in combat units which they have to pass in order to go on deployment.

If this happens, men and woman alike will serve side by side to protect American freedom


Created with images by The National Guard - "Kentucky National Guard" • US Army Africa - "Italian Armed Forces Day Commemoration - 4 November 2009 - Vicenza, Italy" • Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "Private Avadney Rea, ca. 1918" • Women_in_Uniform - "Cathy "Bags" Lanier" • Beverly & Pack - "WAF Officer candidates" • USAG-Humphreys - "ESPN Armed Forces Classic - Game Day - U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea - 9 Nov. 2013" • US Army Africa - "Veterans Day Ceremony" • 143d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) - "143d ESC 2017 BEST WARRIOR COMPETITION, PART 2: ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT" • The U.S. Army - "Maintaining security"

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