Village of Pulaski By: Lauren Hendzel

Address of village municipal building: 585 E Glenbrook Dr. Pulaski Wi 54162

A map of my local municipality.
  • 5 issues in the villfage of Pulaski
  • Memorial Park pavilion and public bathrooms
  • Request for 3 dogs
  • Update on Franciscan Friar printing building redevelopment
  • ABVM-stain glass
  • Band competition

Recently in Pulaski they decided to tear down the pavilion with public bathrooms at Memorial park. according to my source the community is planing on building a new facility for the people in the village. Sometime around May 19th, 2017 they plan to build a new facility with a construction bid. I think the new facility is a good thing for the community. It was commonly used for kid birthday parties and even graduation parties, but the old facility was also a very old and out of use building. It is important to have a community area for people in the village to use.

Pulaski is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to visit.

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