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5 things to fix if you want your Blog / Website to generate money

Blog optimization is quite broad, covering many aspects such as keyword research, backlink building, image optimization, SEO, content optimization, host speed, blog interface, mobile optimization. Each item has quite a lot of knowledge needed to dig deeper but overall blog optimization makes it easy for readers to find your articles at the fastest speed.

Each of these optimization techniques will be covered in another, more in-depth article that will probably complete the series to share for you to shorten your work process. The best blog tutorial series coming soon (I'll update this article with the link when it's published)

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2. Abuse of ads

Too excited when Google Adsense approved, you place ads where possible. This makes you not only earn a penny but also be severely penalized Google. The more ADS on your blog does not mean that you will make a lot of money but it will also be counterproductive.

Readers are always annoyed with blogs filled with ads, cover the content. Synonymless Click on ads and you will not receive any money. For first-time readers to visit your blog and see more ads, they will think that you are looking to sell something to them, your blog is losing value to readers.

For blogs in Vietnam we should not put Google Adsense ads, but should sell products or services that you can provide to users, you have seen many successful blogs for selling products. , And promote their service through Blog very successful, for example? I will not reveal this article and will do a Casy Study analysis for you. Please read the blog regularly offline!

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