Horses By un sarinee

Do you know what is a Clydesdale and a Pinto horses is ?


Clydesdale come from the Clyde Valley in Scotland along the River Clyde. Clydesdale are cold bloods. Cold bloods come from Northern Europe. Clydesdale are the tallest and the lightest of all draft horses. Clydesdale have a long, lean head. There is usually a large white blaze called lantern that covers their face. Originally they were bred to carry armoured knights, now they are used as plow horses. Some farmers think feathered legs and light weight are not useful at all. Special care is taken to the feathering. Hay and grain are the two basic types of the feed they need.

Notice the feathering on the horses legs
Notice the feathering on the horses legs.


There are two basic color types for pintos: piebald and skewbald. A pintos can also have saddlebred breeding. A saddle can be three gaited or five gaited. Gaited means the way horse's moves its hooves. Pintos are a breed color. Pintos are not a true breed. A true breed is a group of horses or ponies that are one family, like Thoroughbred. A color can be made up of many different horses family. But it must have a special color patern.

Pintos are not a breed, but are a color breed.

How Horses Help People

In the old days horses were very useful to people because we rode on horses so we didn’t have to walk. Horses can have many jobs depending what species they are. But they don’t have to be their species too it can be others. Horses have jobs like carrying people in carriages or helping people like pulling a wagon filled with fruits or vegetables. Some people even have horses for fun, for riding and training.

Having a Horse as a Pet

Lots of people have horses for pets. Some horses can be hard to take care of, like a horse that is pregnant. Horses are fed different amounts. Depending on their age, growth and whether they are pregnant. Each type of grass or food offers different nutrition. You can let your horse eat apples or carrots. You might need feeding equipment, like tubs with water and food. A cleaning broom can be used to clean up the food mess. You might need riding gear like ropes, saddles, and bridles. They need space in the paddock so you can train them or ride them. If your horse is sick, you need to call a veterinarian. They will usually come to your house with their medicine. A vet can really help a horse stay healthy.

These pet horses are helping people camp.

Now you are an expert on horses! You can teach your mom and dad, or your friends all about horses. Have fun, teaching!


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