Reform Movementents 1- Ryan, AngEl

Foundations of Reform: This movement was part of the Foundations of Reform known as the Second Great Awakining which was a revival of religious feeling and belief in the 1820 and 1830s. Another important movement that came to be was the Transcendention. This was the belief in the goodness of man led by Henry David Thoreau.
Abolitionist: in the 1800s, a bunch of Americans were speaking out against slavery. This is basically the movement of evaporating slavery started in the Revolutionary Era in response to the inhumane of slaves and was trying to remove blacks from white society.
Women didn't have a lot of freedom or rights to do a lot of things that men could do. This included stuff like freedom of speech, being in the same place, or the right to suffrage. Women got angry about this and started the women's rights movement from experiences at the Seneca Falls. In modern day today, the 19th amendment, says it gives women the right to vote and other rights.
At this time prison was really horrible. The environment was bad and prisoner's had bad punishments like getting whipped, tied in chains, lived in small tiny cells with multiple people, and not many food goods. Dorothea Dix report to state the horrifically conditions inside prisons. They created laws and rules to make everything better.
During the 1800's the education reform was made because not many kids couldn't afford the cost.. Horace Man, the man behind the creation of school, talked to people to inform that people who went to school would learn and then help us with social problems. Massachusetts paid taxes to build schools and pay teachers. Through out the time this influenced other states and countries to have a education system.
In the early 1800s alcohol abuse was becoming bigger among different people and this cause problems in relationships! So later in the 1820s the Temperance movement was created which was a movement to stop selling and drinking of alcohol. Many states started to follow this campaign.

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