ThePompHouse Welcome to the house of Pomp! Come in! You can leave the door open!

A Pomp house sketch
Hi there! Welcome to our Pomp house! I saw you looking through the window. Come in with me! I will show you around!

Have you ever been to a Pomp house? If you have, you probably noticed something unusual about the building. Yes, I am talking about the way you count the floors upside down. In our four floor building the first is actually the highest one.

We will enter through the hollow of the old pear tree. From there we take the elevator, which will bring us to the rooftop. This is the first floor of the Pomp House. We call it the Observatory!

1st floor: Inspiration & meaning

The Observatory is an unseparable part of the Pomp house. Here you can jump into the piles of books and ancient maps, stories about adventures and distant lands. We have a balcony with a giant telescope to gaze at the stars at night or at the dew drops after rain.

From here we collect knowledge about the world and all connections in nature. Here is where we store our inspiration and desires!

2nd Floor: Communication and Research

Now we must get downstairs to the second floor. Here is the Research and Analitics room. Here we pick up our materials and try to get as much information about them as possible.

Maybe you have noticed that we use wood materials. More specifically wood veneers.

Wood has a memory, history and charge. Every tree hides a story in its texture. And each story is unique. Like people - outwardly similar in some features, you can divide them into types. These have that kind of leaves; those have such bark and third are about 200 meters high. But if you select two trees of the same species, cut logs and look inside them ... you will find out - they are not the same at all... Where did this tree grow up?Was it alone or in a forest? Has it been suffering from diseases or with vermin?

Using veneers, with respect and maximum economy, we can get in touch with the beauty of some exceptionally rare and precious wood species and get closer to their stories.

3rd Floor: Design & Invention

Downstairs once again and we find ourselves in the Design studio.

The idea to create wooden jewelry came out, almost two years ago. We started with lathed components, bracelets and pendants. Soon after, the idea developed ... We created a technology for veneer bending that allows you to combine the impression hidden in wood textures and the logic of spatial geometries.

Here we draw, think and combine ... using logic and intuition.
4th Floor: Workshop. Actual creation

Voilà! Welcome to the PompWorkshop!

We use natural and engineered veneers.

The process goes trought cutting and gluing layers with water-soluble glue around different matrices . There is a different technological time for each wood species to dry . The afterwork covers shaping and sanding until we get to the last phase, which is finishing!

When it comes to finishing we can choose between two types of cover.

The first is completely ecological. It is accomplished with natural linseed oil and bee wax. The product is being dipped or coated with oil. The drying time is about two days and after that we go through some additional sanding or straight to polishing with the wax. This finish technique gives us a soft matt finish and natural touch.

The second opportunity is the polyurethane varnish, which makes a durable satin gloss finish and brings out the texture with its most comprehensive detail .

On the upper right angle you can see a bracelet finished with oil & wax, while on the other is shown a varnished one.
No waste

We respect our precious materials and try to use the smallest cuttings, so that there is no waste. We use those for lables and packaging.

The World

Once we had our products ready, we had no other choice but to bring them to the public. Here are some chosen moments from our participations in different handmade events and festivals.

Thank you so much for stopping by! It's been a pleasure! I hope that we meet again!

Have a great day!

Simona I.


Simoenovo; 58Str.; # 3A; 1434

Sofia; Bulgaria

We celebrate the miracles created by Mother Nature! Dexterous, skillful and extremely talented, she endows us with something more valuable than all human affairs .... - its fabulous beauty ...
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Simona Ivanova


Simona Ivanova

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