The world according to Ben wecker


Is Mount Everest worth the risk of climbing?

I probably wouldn't take the risk to climb Mount Everest, but there are ups and downs. What I think is that the different types of people will want to do different things. The people that want to take the risk to climb this mountain aren't only doing it for fun but they are also doing it because they with feel like they want to concurre themselves and the mountain. But for other people that wouldn't take the risk, they would only think of the down side. 223 people have died on this mountain. Also, people that wouldn't take the risk would not be interested at all, in addition, they would think of it more as suicide, not as concurring life.

I think globalization makes us stronger. First, publication helped poor people make money and it makes jobs around the world. Also, organize Asian gives a chance to people around the world. Most people in the US can make money job easily. But in other countries is harder to Find a job and make money. So, globalization provides more jobs for other countries. In the US people made a lot of income. The US you could buy iPhone for around $500. In these other countries people don't make too much income. An iphone in these other countries would be around $50. In these places that make low income they still have access to the same products just lower prices.In addition, in the US it cost a lot to make a product but in other countries it is not so hard. Making a product in another country saves them money for the country you live in. Leslie, causation hopes different products and different types of products get to other communities in other countries.

Globalization is all around e world!

Bucket list

Q and A

I think the right way to go is with centripetal forces not centrifugal. One centripetal force is common citizenship. Common citizenship can do many things, for example common citizenship can really unite people and bring different cultures together. If you are a part of the E.U you will be exposed to different cultures that will unite different types of people. Another centripetal force is common marketing. Common marketing can help taxing go down because people from other countries would have to pay. When people don't have to pay to many taxes they will be more wealthy. And also countries would need to pay other countries for selling products in other territories.

The EU has 27 countries.

Good citizens have expectations that they will take care of certain things and perform certain duties. A good citizen is someone that pays taxes. It's important for everyone to pay taxes because taxes pay for government services, like police departments, schools, and public works. Additionally, good citizens follow the laws and respect other people and their property. It is a social responsibility to tolerate others and do the right thing. All Citizens have the right of voting and freedom of speech, but good citizens will be informed about the issues when they vote on, and they will speak their minds without harming others. Some other responsibilities Good citizens do are volunteer in the community, protect the environment, work hard, and be honest and trustworthy.

Good citizens help there country.

What is government and why is it necessary?

A government is system or form by which a community or group of people live by certain rules. It is also the people who make and administer the rules. Government is necessary because it protects citizens’ rights, creates and enforces laws and provides services to its citizen. Government is a group of people who have the power to create laws, if there was no government people could do whatever they want. “Without government if everyone had a right to everything people would always be at war with everyone else.” Hobs.There would be no laws and people would have no protection. There is a government to protect citizens, Laws, services and rights. We have government to keep everyone/everything in line. For example, Without government we would not have a police force. Without police Force it would be like the perge. Without a government there would be no taxes, if there were no taxes people would get no money and people would lose there jobs.“people have the right of life liberty and property” John Locke believed that government's purpose was to protect peoples rights.

This is capital hill, where the government makes laws.

How do people adapt to living in the desert region? People adapt to living in desert regions in many different ways. First people try to live near oases. People like to live near an oaseses because of all the resources. For example, there are more animals around there for food.People that are in the desert like to where loose clothing. Why people where loose clothing is because it is very hot and sunny but they also need it to protect their skin. When people are in the desert people need certain things to survive. For example loose clothing,and water.

Dry desert!

Oil could impact a region positively by adding wealth to the area. Dubai is known as one of the wealthiest city on earth. They have a great amount of oil because the land-used to be underwater. Also, in Quatar they have a ton of oil. Something that this could do is attract people to their country because it shows that Quatar has the money they need and there will be less taxes. Regions could be affected by resources. The most common resource is oil, when amounts of oil are found regions could become more wealthy.

Dubai's most expensive building!


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