too my two lovelies this is where ive been

Oh my dearest Penelope i've been gone for so long and neglected my family and kingdom ever since the end of the war we tirelessly hopped island to island

directly after the war me and my unruly crew visited the Ciconies thinking we were on the way to Ithaca. My men were absolute savages and raided the town against my wishes while I was prepping the boat to leave the citizens rounded up their army and killed of a fraction of my men before we could escape

Just when we thought we evaded the worst but the journey ahead would only be worse. The whole journey was a big twist of fate

After sailing for what seemed months we came upon lotus eaters who offered us sweet lotus. The small lotus from what i heard were exquisite and supple. but much like the rest of the journey proved to be deceiving allowing my men to be forgetful and yearn to stay on the island and forget Ithaca but due to my wisdom and knowledge I knew to get them all out of there quickly.

Although the journey wasn't entirely treachery some threats were direct but out of our control a good example was when we encountered a cyclops

The Cyclops stood well over me and my men after we dared feast on his food. The accursed beast ate my men slammed their brains out on the cold stone. It was gruesome a sight I believe even you, Telemachus my son would have fainted. But I odysseus used my quick thinking two outsmart the beast the way i did it was brilliant. I saved all my men's lives and taunted the beast

The bag of winds

This perilous journey did come with some benefits as we just left the cyclops me an my men were disheartened and left homesick in our time of need the gods answered me; Aeolus answered our cries and granted us a bag of winds to get us back to Ithaca. We almost made it until my untrustworthy crew opened the bag of winds believing it was gold and sent us off. Into a whole new set of problems. Those accursed men so little time would have been wasted it angers me to event think of them.

Such a mighty threat a catapult is scared to me to death when my when went straight for it

This setback blew us into even more trouble catapult rained down upon us taking down our ships one by one. It all happened so quickly all by the island of the Laestrygonians. One attack after another. leaving your dear spouse in trouble with a untrustworthy crew

The men and I kept telling ourselves we made it past the worst of it. If only those words were true we encountered a enchantress known as Circe. Circe turned my swine of men into literal swine! Before i could confront her Hermes presented me a magic plant to repel her spells. although after I confronted her she wished for me to "Warm her bed" I refused the offer and demanded for her to return my men and help me get home but instead she told me to venture to the land of the dead.

Circe the way home would be revealed once i visit the land of the dead and seek out the prophet Tiresias. This task I alone must complete but I courageously carried this out. after traveling there i made a sacrifice ti enter the land of the dead and spoke with the prince of thebes. Until finally i spoke to Tiereicies who foretold how my journey would end. It truly was an enlightening experience.

When we left the land of the dead we crossed by an island with sirens we had to sail through while i told my me to plug there ears for no mortal should listen to there songs. Not to mention it was the den of Scylla. My men were in fear but I gave one of my legendary speeches to rally and boasted there resolve. Scylla took six of my men leaving a small party of us left.

Slowly but surely my men were dying off slowly but this was there final mistake upon leaving Scylla behind Circe had warned me of feasting on Helios cattle, so I to warned them not eat them but my men ignored me before i could stop them the gods cursed me with sleep the savages i had for men feasted on the cattle. I knew there fate was sealed if only they listend but it was there lives not my mine. when we set off again Zues struck my ship with a mighty lighting bolt killing all my men leaving me alive.

The journey was the longest on the calypso island. I washed up on her domain she took care of me and requested i lay with her i remained on the island for years. the whole time she promised me immortality. I persisted I wanted you the queen of Ithaca my true women whom my heart remains too. After so long she gave in and gave a ship to make it to Pacheco where they took me to Ithaca. The journey was long and perilous but in the end i have made it home to live out the rest of my days.


Created with images by Tama Leaver - "Steampunk Trojan Horse?" • grongar - "Island" • Andrewkim - "lotus nature plants" • pj_vanf - "Cyclops" • cg2 - "blide catapult middle ages" • RomitaGirl67 - "OOAK Barbie as the Enchantress" • srqpix - "The Siren Calls"

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