Andrew Banta Multimedia & Web Designer

Hello! I’m Andrew Banta, multimedia/web designer and animator. I graduated from Purdue University in May 2010 with a B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology and a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. I followed that up by studying Character Animation at Animation Mentor, earning a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Character Animation. I have a wide range of experience in communications, print and digital design, web development and design, character animation and motion graphics, as well as marketing and social media.


An assortment of computer generated images I have made, ranging from raster to vector images, including illustrations, photo manipulations, print designs, and more.

Logos developed for the Indiana Small Farm Conference. The client ultimately chose to use the first option shown, in the shape of the state of Indiana.
Poster design for Indiana Invasive Species campaign. (Concepts and designs are mine, with a few final edits by a coworker.)
"Point of Pride" badges/graphics I created and used for marketing and promotion of Purdue University's College of Ag published rankings.
A series of motion graphic overlays I created for the "Boiler Buzz" video series that answers the most asked questions by incoming freshmen and prospective students in Purdue Agriculture! As seen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwWq6BlpxLrwh2c0m2CvLyA
A quick banner graphic created to promote the Indiana 4-H "Color Me Green" fun run.
A world map of impact locations created for the Purdue Climate Change Research Center.
Weather icons I created for use in a Purdue College of Ag video.
Placeholder graphic for Purdue Extension stories not containing a photo.
Placeholder graphic for Purdue employees missing profile images.
Various graphics done for freelance logo/graphic development and educational exercises.
A pet project I did for my own wedding in August 2016! Save the dates and day of itineraries.

Web Design

The sites below represent some of the recent work I have completed in the Agricultural Communication Department at Purdue University, for clients both internal and external.

A small collection of website and web page mockups I have done using Photoshop and Illustrator for Purdue Agriculture and Purdue Extension.

Purdue Climate Change Research Center

The Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC) facilitates interdisciplinary climate change research and education. From its inception in 2004, the PCCRC assembled a community of scholars who shared the perspective that human and natural systems should be studied as an integrated whole. It was created using Wordpress.

Envision Magazine

Envision magazine features stories that showcase the Purdue College of Agriculture’s distinctive strengths and global impact through the work of our faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Envision is published two times a year and is available both in print and digitally. It was created using Wordpress.

Purdue Extension Annual Report

The 2017 annual report highlights the ways in which Extension educates and empowers people throughout Indiana and promotes statewide economic vitality. It was created using Adobe Spark.

Purdue Agriculture Lab Site Template and Toolkit

This website is a live training site for use in Agricultural Communications at Purdue, designed as an example of what users can do with the "Beaver Builder" toolkit. It was created in Wordpress with the Beaver Builder plugin.

Indiana Climate Report

The Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment (IN CCIA) provides the latest scientific research to help Hoosiers understand and prepare for the impacts of a changing climate. The website was created using Wordpress.

Confined Feeding Operations

This site is designed to provide information for individuals involved in the confined feeding operation siting process, namely county plan commission members, BZA members, and planning professionals, as well as concerned members of the general public. The site was created in Microsoft SharePoint.

3D Rendering

The below images were all posed/set up, lit, and rendered in Autodesk Maya by me. Character rigs and models were provided by educational institution or third party, unless noted otherwise.



The section below showcases various animations, video composites, animatics, and scene renders that I have done. All work by me unless otherwise noted.

Selected shots from my entire time at Animation Mentor. I've included four of my favorite shots. All animation, story, and scene construction/layout was done by me. Character Rigs were provided by Animation Mentor.

A squirrel bites off more than he can chew in this animation short for the May 2010 "11 Second Club" competition. I was responsible for all animation, lighting and rendering. Squirrel rig created by Josh Burton.

My Animation Mentor assignment for Class 3, Week 12 was to take everything done previously and put it together into one demo reel. This video is the culmination of all of my work from Classes 1 through 3 of Animation Mentor.

This piece was a video compositing assignment in which I added lightning, darker storm clouds, and thunder sound effects to some fair-weather footage.

I took existing storyboards from an alternate intro to the film Blade Runner and created an animatic in After Effects. The scanned storyboards were of poor quality, but I managed to touch them up quite a bit in Photoshop.

I did this render in an attempt to realistically replicate a scene from real life. The scene features a variety of different materials that I created in Maya to accomplish the task. This was done for my CGT 340 class at Purdue University.

A collection of interior lighting renders done in Maya.

This animation was done for my CGT 340 class at Purdue University in the Spring of 2009. All work was done by me, with the exception of the fish, ship, and treasure chest models.

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