Feudal Japan Summative Assessment By: Ethan a. Gatdula


Amida believed that everyone could reach paradise , you would be able to do this by relying mercy of the Amida Buddha.

The Amida Buddha had been an Indian Prince

Religion was important because it was the way to reach paradise and the way to gain enlightenment.

Buddhism Paradise

Feudalism/ Feudal System

Feudalism was based on fair exchange between all rankings and everybody helped everyone else.

The feudal system was more likely to last longer because people felt secure and like they were treated fairly.

Without feudalism there would probably be social rankings which were considered unfair to those at the bottom and it usually resulted in revolts and rebellions.

Japanese Feudal Pyramid


The government kept everyone and everything in order

The government was important because it kept everything in balance.


Created with images by Patrick Hoesly - "Tablet Background - 1254a" • Akuppa - "Amida Buddha" • paularps - "Mahamuni Buddha temple in Mandalay (Myanmar 2013)"

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