GlenwoodTimes #9 - December 2017

Headmaster's Message

And so we come to the end of 2017. This has been a busy and challenging year which has been characterised by the change of ownership to ADvTECH. Change is never easy and almost always uncomfortable, but the transition of ownership and the demands it placed on all stakeholders have been remarkably smooth and, on the whole, uneventful from a disruptive perspective. They promised a value–add to the Glenwood product and they have not disappointed. The “Potato Shed” in the College is being renovated, the workshop has been converted to accommodate the aftercare and, let us also not forget, the heating of the pool. These changes have certainly made a difference!

On the academic front ADvTECH have also been instrumental in providing further opportunities for the professional development of our staff. They have committed to providing our children with opportunities to venture into the challenging landscape which is 21st Century education. In this regard we need only look at the introduction of the Core Skills programme, the establishment of the Go-Lab and the introduction of digital literacy in the foundation phase to realise that this is an association which will impact positively on the futures of our children.

Also, afford me this opportunity to thank my entire staff, those inside and outside the classroom, who contribute to making Glenwood the special place it is. Thank you to the parents for entrusting their children to our care and for providing them with the privilege of a private school education. Finally, a special word of thanks to our pupils who are busy writing the history of, and creating the legacy which is, Glenwood House. Remember, this is your school. Cherish it, believe in it, respect and be proud of it because this is where your roots are and know that you are making a difference.

My best wishes accompany the Matric Class of 2017 who have now finally taken leave of Glenwood. Seize every opportunity which comes you way and make Glenwood proud. I look forward to an outstanding set of results!

Everyone now needs and deserves a break – enjoy it and come back refreshed and ready to tackle 2018 with renewed fervour.

I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2018!

finance department

It is difficult to believe that we have basically come to the end of 2017 and we are currently in the process of tying up all loose ends in our finance department, which obviously includes the collection of all outstanding fees.

Please note that reports will not be issued where fees are outstanding or where acceptable arrangements have not been made regarding payment. In cases where fees are outstanding, the parents will be required to collect these reports from the finance office. The children will receive a sealed envelope containing the necessary notification to contact the finance office. This envelope will be identical to the one issued with reports.

No pupil will be admitted to Glenwood House in 2018 if there are outstanding balances on their accounts. We therefore urge parents to settle any outstanding fees as a matter of urgency. Please contact the finance office should you have any queries in this regard - do not leave it to the last day.

Parents also need to note that Glenwood House will only process credit card transactions up to and including 8 December 2017. THERE WILL BE NO CREDIT CARD FACILITY AVAILABLE IN 2018.

This is the final statement for 2017. All invoices for the month of November will also be emailed to you today (only for referral to your statement).

Kindly note that you are invoiced for your yearbook (one per family except if arranged otherwise with the finance department). The yearbooks will be handed out with the reports.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

little glens corner


Left: Bayley de Jager giving teddy a big hug at our 'teddy bears picnic'. Right: Dress up in the Gr 000 Meerkat class.

hippos and leopards

Eating colourful pasta with chopsticks, making patterns with shapes, balancing on beams, building number rockets, play-dough chameleons, blowing paint across the page and enjoying a rocket experiment.

Giraffes and cheetahs grandparents' day

road safety with uncle eddie and danny cat

Little Glens enjoyed a visit from Uncle Eddie and Danny Cat. They spoke to the children about road safety.

u6 interschool fun golf challenge

Little Glen U6 boys getting ready for the Interschool fun golf challenge at Glenwood Short Course.

graduation ceremony and nativity story

Our Little Glens Grade 0 class of 2017 enjoying their Graduation ceremony. Parents were treated to a special Nativity Story. The Grade 0s came to school ready for Grade 1 in their smart school uniforms.

preparatory bulletin


In the week of 23 – 27 October, the beautiful Glenwood House uniform received a temporary overhaul in support of the National Cancer Awareness Month.

The majority of our prep school pupils purchased pink socks and wore them for an entire week to express their solidarity with people affected by cancer. The Grade 7 pupils used this as a fundraiser for their grade fund, however, two thirds of the proceeds went to supporting the work of “The Pink Trees for Pauline Organisation” which works tirelessly to create awareness, unite communities and raise money for those afflicted with cancer.

We also enjoyed a visit from Dr Lee Ann Jones, a local oncologist, and some pharmacists from Dischem. They shared some information around skin cancer, which is a very real threat to many South Africans. The children were taught how to apply sun cream properly as well as about the importance of using sun protection. Each child also received a free sun cream sample.

Carpe Diem Visits Glenwood

On Thursday, 16 November, Glenwood Senior Preparatory was treated to an inspiring visit from a group of singers and hip-hop dancers from Carpe Diem. These children, aged between 9 and 18, each deal with certain physical or mental challenges.

On hearing the melodic, well-trained voices and viewing the outstanding dance moves, one can only marvel at the resilience and tenacity of these young heroes in overcoming their challenges to fulfil their dreams. We were most inspired by their performances and positive attitude to life.

We would like to express our thanks to two of our Ductus Excellentiam challengers, Tristan Scholtz and Nicole Booyens, who were responsible for arranging this visit. Nicole and Tristan visited Carpe Diem and put on a show for the children there. They were warmly welcomed and we received rave reviews about their performance, conduct and overall “blue bloodedness”.

Well done you two, we are extremely proud of you.

Preparatory Sports and Culture Awards 2017

The Glenwood House Preparatory Sports and Culture Awards was held at Hope Church on Thursday, 16 November.

The Cultural awards were presented to Lindy Prinsloo (Dance trophy and Overall Cultural trophy), Oyama Bhengu (Art trophy), Carmen Musiker (Choir trophy), Claire du Preez-Gratz (Music trophy) and Nicole Booyens (Drama trophy).

The Sportswoman of the Year award was presented to Taylin Lincow and the Sportsman of the Year award was presented to Daniel van der Merwe.

college campus

gkc sneak peEks

department dialogues

maths in the prep

Our Mathematics department has had a fun and productive year this year. We tackled each topic with enthusiasm and eagerness. A variety of methods were used in our Mathematics classrooms, which catered for the different learning styles of our children.

With modern technology at our fingertips, use was made of videos and apps like see-saw to make mathematics more approachable and relevant in today’s world. All homework and tasks were loaded onto their devices through the miEbooks app, which worked well to keep learners updated and motivated.

New topics were introduced through group work and investigative activities. Wherever possible, a concerted effort was made to make lessons more practical and concrete. On some days you may have seen learners measuring the fields with a tape measure or Trundle wheel. On other days you may have noticed water being carried into class when we measured litres and millilitres. On another day, you might have seen 3D shapes being made out of jelly tots and toothpicks. Through creative methods, we seek to make Mathematics more enjoyable and pertinent. We want our learners to understand why Mathematics is an important learning area for the future.

We also endeavour to help those who are struggling to grasp concepts and methods, therefore support classes are offered weekly to assist these learners. Extension work is also offered to those learners who are ahead and need more stimulation in class. By taking part in competitions, such as the Amesa Olympiad, we create opportunities for our top leaners to be extended and achieve outside of the classroom.

We look forward to 2018 when we will, once again, be looking at ways to improve our teaching and relevance in the classroom. At Glenwood, we seek to create a classroom environment where learners have the opportunity to learn, think and grow in their Mathematical abilities.

maths in the college

The Maths department goes the extra mile to develop our students and their achievement in the subject.

We have started using technology in the classroom which helps make abstract material more accessible and the students enjoy exploring a variety of graphs using graphing software, Desmos.

Support classes are available, free of charge, every afternoon Monday to Friday from 14:00-15:00 and is open to all. Workshops are held when deemed necessary and a series of successful examination revision workshops were offered to all grades.

Our students are exposed to problem-solving through a variety of Maths Olympiads, and some great results were achieved this year. Joshua Lochner became the second Glenwoodian to write the third round of the SA Maths Olympiad, André Vegter received an award from the UCT Olympiad and Glenwood House was awarded the UCT Trophy for the best new school in the competition.

Advanced Programme Mathematics is also offered from Grade 9-12 and it is encouraging to see the dedication of the students who tackle this challenging additional subject with enthusiasm, even though the lessons are often at unsociable hours!

The highlight of the Maths calendar is the annual Grade 12 Maths Camp which is held during the September holidays at Carmel Holiday resort. Despite doing Maths 7 hours a day for 5 days, the Grade 12s thoroughly enjoy this time to consolidate and focus on final preparation for the IEB examinations. No wonder Glenwood’s matric Maths results are excellent year after year!


Valie van Nel

Valie van Nel is a familiar sight to the Glenwood House Family. He is the ever-smiling head of our school security and mans the school gate in the mornings and afternoons. Valie has been working for Glenwood House for nine years and is married with two children. He is a resident of Parkdene in George. Valie particularly enjoys gardening and working with plants.

Marnell Graaff

Marnell is a new member of ‘Little Glens’. She welcomes everyone with a smile in the morning and assists with all the administration. She is always ready to lend a hand. Marnell also gives extra Afrikaans classes in the afternoon at Glenwood House.

Marnell is a mother of one daughter and three sons. She is a proud granny of two beautiful grandchildren.

Marnell loves going to the beach for walks and to admire the beauty around her as well as going for picnics and she always enjoys a good movie.

Juliet Powell

Juliet was born in Cape Town on 24 May. She studied at the College of Knowledge, officially known as the Cape Town College of Education in Mowbray and her first teaching post was at Panorama Primary School. She also taught at Edgemead Primary School and then moved to Johannesburg in 2008 where she taught at Bryandale Primary School and then spent some time relief teaching at St Peters Prep. She is married to Brendan and they have two children. John is in Gr 8 and Abigail is in Grade 5 at Glenwood. Brendan is an ordained minister and is currently teaching EMS at the College.

Her hobbies and interests are park runs, a quick run around the dam, water sports, and spending time with her family at the beach. She enjoys arts and crafts and is very creative. She loves the George weather and her green garden, but dislikes the baboons and vervet monkeys who seem to view her kitchen as their drive-through. She loves that “aha” moment when there is a sparkle in the eye and the penny drops and children “get it.” She dislikes dirty hands, germs and escalator rails and loves chocolate milkshakes, goodie burgers, Lindt chocolates and ice-cream but is not so fond of marmite and marmalade! She loves listening to Michael Bublè but not ACDC. She loves living in George and being able to do what she loves at Glenwood!

Her motto in life is to live your best life now and she believes we should seize the moment and make every day matter. We are here for a purpose, and our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others. Every day is a gift and another opportunity to honour Him. My hope is that she won’t waste any of the time that has been given to her.

Kate Southey

This adventurous and energetic lady joined the College staff three years ago as senior Geography teacher, also responsible for the Geography component of the Social Studies curriculum in Grade 8 and 9.

She is an Athletics and Netball coach and her own level of fitness inspires the students to beat her. During the Eden Xperience, she challenged the pupils to beat her best time and there were only a few who managed to do this!

She loves participating in gruelling, multiday adventure races and we enjoy the regular updates during this time. She kept the name of the College high when her team reached the final before Mr Leonard (ironman)!

Much of her spare time is spent exploring in and around the garden route. They are keen campers, hikers and mountain bikers so they go away as often as they can. She also participate in as many races and events as possible.

She loves sports and physical activities, but also enjoys baking and sewing.

Adelle Erasmus

Adelle Erasmus started at Glenwood House in January 2017 as a Preparatory School Secretary. She has a bubbly and infectious personality and is very family-orientated. In her spare time, Adelle loves cooking, singing and listening to music. She found the transition to the role of secretary-cum-nurse-cum-mommy (which is part of the job of a prep school secretary) quite challenging in the beginning, but soon realised the extra joy this part of her job brings!


Bredasdorp Top 10 Athletics

Gisèle Young participated in the Bredasdorp Top 10 Athletics meeting. With 25 athletes in her event, the 200m sprint, Gisèle was placed 3rd overall. Well done to her for this great achievement!
Top Left: Genévieve Young at Shotput. Bottom Left: Hendrik Visser in 1500m. Bottom Middle: Lincy Gondwe in Shotput. Right: Luke Gauché in long jump.

prep golf

Our prep school golf teams competed in the final Southern Cape Primary School Championship for the year. Both the A team and B team did extremely well and received numerous medals and trophies. Our A team came first overall and our B team came second. Jasmine Furstenberg took first place as the top girl in the league and Holly Erler took second place. Dylan Melville took first place in the boys division and Tiaan Hugo came second. A big congratulations to all our players: Dylan Melville, Jonathan van Niekerk, Ryan Melville, Tiaan Hugo, Ewaldt Blaauw, Holly Erler, Jasmine Furstenberg and Tristan Boshoff. We are extremely proud of all of you.

u13 waterpolo

The U13 water polo teams travelled to Rondebosch Boys High in Cape Town to participate in the Cannons Creek Tournament. Our heated pool made this a more pleasant experience this year, as our young players could prepare a little more for this than before. It was the first water polo tournament at this level for most of our players. Most of the matches were a steep learning curve but we did manage to score goals and win a few matches. This experience proved to be an excellent development opportunity for our young polo players.

u11 and u13 waterpolo

On Saturday, 11 November, our U11 and U13 water polo teams played matches against all our regional teams.

The results for the girls’ teams were:

Girls U11: George Suid 0-6, Oakhill 5-4

Girls U13 B: George Suid 2-6, Oakhill 3-0

Girls U13 A: Holy Cross 0-7, Oakhill 7-0, Plett 1-2, George Suid 1-3

The results for the Boys’ matches were:

Boys U11: George Suid 3-10, Oakhill 0-7

Boys U13 B: George Suid 1-4, Plett 0-6, Oakhill 1-4, Holy Cross 2-6

Boys U13 A: Plett 5-7, Oakhill 1-1

It is good to note that all our boys’ teams were undefeated! We scored 45 goals and only conceded 13. This clearly shows that our boys are developing their polo skills tremendously.

Front: Matthew Seabrook and Lathim Impondu. Back: Charl Hofmeister, Wido Rudolf, Flip de Bruyn, Landin van Wyk, Rogan Thorkildsen and Blake Crankshaw.
Front: Joel Struwig and Jake Frost. Middle: Gerard Botha, Cuan Leach, Daniel van der Merwe, Tristan Scholtz, James Helling, Sean Vonk, Sebastian Smuts. Back: Xavier Pearce, Reinhardt Botha and Michael Pearce.

Our boys teams then played in the Plett polo festival on 18 November and retained their unbeaten record!

The results were:

U13 B Boys: Plett 2-6, Oakhill 2-4

U13 A Boys: Plett 2-7, Oakhill 2-2

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