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The app that I am presenting on today is called Adobe Spark Page. I learnt about it during term four, 2016. I wasn't properly able to embed it into my teaching practice until this year. I really liked learning about this app and I wanted to use it in a way that wouldn't be just 'for the sake' of it. So... I put my thinking hat on.

It didn't take me long to link the content of the Year Seven English course with Adobe Spark Page. After completing the GERRIC training early on in the term, I had learnt that gifted students need opportunities to be able to take charge of their learning.

With this in mind, I allowed them to choose their own topic to guide their learning of persuasive writing. They were able to choose their own topic, conduct research and surveys, and present their findings in essay format...on this fabulous app, of course! 😉

I guided their essay structure; they dove into their topics. They were engaged, motivated and enthusiastic to complete this task.

On the due date, I created a notice on Connect - see below.

I would highly recommend this app. It is easy to use and navigate your way through.

By Maddie Jennings


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