The Best Anime Female Should Watch Once

You are female, anime fanatic and do not know what to observe next? Perfect! within the following we've summarized anime series that would hit the mark. Tested and approved by countless other female anime fans and with some adult, calm, but also some really wacky topics. But always with a sparkling helping of romance.

Before the pitchforks are unpacked again: we do not mean to mention that the blokes among you've got no place in these series. On the contrary, the subsequent titles could convince many an man . And if some girls think: "I do not like all these things in the least ," that's okay too. After all, everyone likes various things . Wouldn't it's boring otherwise, wouldn't it?


Ai Yazawas Nana may be a character drama, because it is within the book. Not only can we experience the blossoming of a life friendship within the 47 episodes of the series, we also witness how these very lives are shaken by problems large and little and the way they get over them. And as life goes, once you think it can't worsen otherwise you could finally be happy, subsequent stroke of fate comes at a run-up and leaves nothing behind but a seemingly insurmountable heap of broken pieces. The characters' problems are only too human. they're so believable and real that unfortunately all folks only too often recognize ourselves in them. But not just their problems. The reactions of the protagonists also repeatedly shed light on ourselves. which is strictly what makes Nana so unspeakably painful. Because we will empathize with all of this only too well. Because we ourselvesrecognize in them .

The lives and sorrows of Nana and her comrades are perfectly amid an exquisite soundtrack, which, additionally to calm background sounds, also can come up with wild rock pieces that match the theme of the series. The songs of Nana Oosaki's band Blast invite you to rock along, while Blast's rival band Trapnest performs rock ballads that touch the guts . All of it fits in with the increasingly sad and gloomy tone that defines MADHOUSE's opera .

The only downer that fans of the series need to accept is that the open ending, which has infested not only the anime but the manga also . Although the print version takes the story a touch further, Yazawa-sensei remains unable to continue drawing the series after an illness that broke call at 2009, in order that this too hangs within the air without a satisfactory end .

Are you trying to find a series with believable characters whose problems are beyond saving the planet and who can cause you to feel really bad ? Are you continue to into rock 'n' roll and have enough of the shallow idol doodle from 90% of all other anime? Then Nana is certainly the proper thing for you.

Where wil you see nana online?

Even the anime isn't licensed during this country, you unfortunately need to fall back on the manga series that has been published fully during this country, which is currently out of print, otherwise you need to import the English-language DVDs . But who knows, maybe at some point a German publisher will play the door and grab this masterpiece of drama anime.