Calvin 's Goals English 2 | period 2

Be more efficient in turning in work in order to get better grades.
Get more sleep so that I am not slacking or tired and falling asleep in class.
Get B's or higher on pretty much all of my work so I can make up for last semester.
Turn in work and ask questions so I don't have to repeat English again.
See if I can get help from classmates or friends so I can do the best I possibly can.
Pretty much the same as the semester goal, I have to keep up with the work and not slack off so I can at least go to college.
I would also like to work to get my GPA up higher cause I'm not to proud of where it's at right now. I would also like to work on getting at least straight B's.
Hopefully I will go to college in order to get a better paying job or get an education in mechanics to open up my own shop to work on motorcycles and cars.

Personal Growth

Personally I would like to be able to be more in depth with who I want to be as a person and for a career. I don't mind who I am but what am I going to be...that's what I would like to be able to find out.

Created By
Calvin Brendle


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