I sew because I love it. It’s my therapy. It’s something I can focus on, to still my mind, and to escape from my daily grind. I also teach, and to share my skills with others is a very rewarding experience.
The reasons I sew have changed throughout the years. I started with clothes and ballet costumes, progressed to home furnishings. Now quilting is my passion and therapy. I mostly make patchwork quilts based on patterns I see and want to try. I make various style bags and give them away as gifts. With my quilts, I keep some but also give them away to family and friends or donate to charity.

What sewing accessory can you not live without?

I love my newest machine. It’s a workhorse! I really miss it when I use my old one.

Do you have any sewing tips to share?

Always try to learn new skills. You can never know too much! There is always new techniques out there. Never stop learning!
I have met many wonderful people through my sewing. The quilting community are a very generous, caring group. We share so much more than skills.


Christine Arnaldi