Piano Hacks Created BY KAYLA THOMAS

With the ability to play notes simultaneously and control dynamics, the piano is a timeless and classic instrument. Although it is easy to learn, it can be hard to master and perfect. It takes patience, flexibility, timing, discipline, and technique, especially when attempting to play difficult pieces such as Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Here are a few tips and tricks to help pianists of all levels improve their skills.


After using this trick when playing Moonlight Sonata, I got great results. The notes were on time and I was able to focus more on the melody rather than confuse the base notes. I would recommend all pianists to try this.

Rating: 8/10

This hack was pretty simple and effective, but there were no major changes to the overall tone of the piece.

wrong Hand Hack

I began using this hack a few months ago because my right hand would get sore, due to frequent playing, and since then my playing abilities have improved a lot. After trying out this practice hack, the treble notes came out much smoother.

Rating: 10/10

I would suggest others to use this practice hack because the notes sound smoother in each piano piece.

PLAY SLOWer hack

By playing slower, I was able to clean up my hand movement from key to key. I stopped hitting the edge or the bottom of the keys because I wasn't in a rush and I felt more confident when playing at normal speed. I knew how to move my fingers faster, which made the sonata I played much better.

Rating: 9/10

This hack helps with finger placement and doesn't make the piece sound rushed.


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