Mother and daughter By marshal buck

I read book about mother and daughter . Mother and daughter is not getting a long . One time daughter has school dance and her mother has not enough money to pay for the out fit . And she bring old clothes . When daughter went to school her dress being a bad shape and she impressed with her friends . She went to home and she fight with mom and mom said I am sorry this is not our fault to have enough money , and one of her friend called the daughter she is nervous to take a phone and her friend asked do you want to go to movie tonight , the daughter asked her mother and mom said yes and her mother reacher on the shelf I am saving money every month this is my surprise for you and the daughter was happy .


My theme of the story is life can be hard and easy it can't always enjoyable.

Reason 1

Life has lots of emotional


We don’t have the money,” said her mother, genuinely sad because they couldn’t buy the outfit,

even though there was a little money stashed away for college. Mrs. Moreno remembered her

teenage years and her hardworking parents, who picked grapes and oranges, and chopped beets

and cotton for meager pay around Kerman. Those were the days when “new clothes” meant limp

and out-of-style dresses from Saint Vincent de Paul.

Reason 2

People have to show their negative


Yollie stomped, head down, to her bedroom. She undressed and threw the dress on the floor.

Her mother came into the room. “What’s going on? What’s all the racket, baby?”

“The dress. It’s cheap! It’s no good!” Yollie kicked the dress at her mother and watched it land in

her hands. Mrs. Moreno studied it closely but couldn’t see what was wrong. “What’s the matter? It’s

just little bit wet.”

“The dye came out, that’s what.”

Mrs. Moreno looked at her hands and saw the grayish dye puddling in the shallow lines of her

palms. Poor baby, she thought, her brow darkening as she made a sad face. She wanted to tell her

daughter how sorry she was, but she knew it wouldn’t help. She walked back to the living room and


The next morning, mother and daughter stayed a

reson three

rich life doesnot make happy

loving and caring makes life happy after she show her emotional mother feel sad and she help her


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