Preschool @ WCDS 2019-2020 It's Possible Here!

February 24-28

Jump rope in PE
Afternoon yoga
Coloring rocks outside
Hula hoop fun
Enjoying the fresh air with some sidewalk chalk

February 17-21

February 10-14

Mrs Dodd made us chocolate mousse in book cooks
Marble painted hearts
Making Valentine’s Day bags

Febuary 4th-7th

January 27th-29th

The sharing chair
The letter H at snack time.
There were 5 in the bed and they all rolled over!
5 more...
They kept rolling...
and rolling...
until they all fell out!
Hot cocoa with a marshmallow

January 20th-24th

Sushi tasting during Book Cooks
Remembering to use kind and helpful hands on MLK Jr. Day.

January 13th-17th

Quinn and Lani traced the letter of the week with blocks.
The sharing chair

January 6th-10th

Outdoor fun!
Music with Miss Amanda
Happy Birthday Lily
French with Madame McAteer - PM class
and AM class
Art with Mr. K
Reading winter books
Happy Birthday story with Lani’s mom
Letter of the Week sharing chair
AM center time

December 16-20

Aria's snow village with tower!
Ireland & Jake making a snowy forest
More snow villages
Ella reading but the tree
Beaded candy canes
Christmas trees with loose parts decorations.
Sand table with Christmas cookie cutters added
Weston & Lani made quite the tower!
Some of us are ready to party!
Holiday Luncheon food & fun!

December 9-13

Holiday Show
Secret Santa Shoppers
Christmas Shopping!
Decorating Snowflakes
Letter L
Working on writing L’s
The Sharing Chair
Making our farewell gift for Miss Stephanie
Her gifts under the tree!

December 2-6

Making snowflake decorations for our holiday show
It's beginning to look like Christmas in PS
Well Doll Clinic!
Miss Beth talking to the children
Visiting with the doctors
Check ups for everyone

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preschool “turkeys” ready for lunch!
Lacing noodles for our festive necklaces
Marley and her pilgrim ring
Audra is ready for that cupcake
Preslie and Uncle Trey, a WCDS alum back for lunch!
Waiting patiently for the delicious food.

November 18-22

November 11th-15th

Learning our new song about kindness.
Preschool watching the iconic crayon factory episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood on World Kindness Day.
Imagination Playground in PE
Choosing centers with Miss Erica
Counting turkey feathers with loose parts
Drawing what we are thankful for at the art center.
Scented play dough center
Reading center in our new playhouse
Light table center

November 4th-November 8th

Dance Class with 4th Grade
Center Time

October 28 - November 1

Preschool enjoying the upper campus Halloween costume parade!
Miss Beth talking about Halloween safety
Graphing our favorite apples to eat... red or green?
And the winner is... RED!
Halloween parade in the gym!

October 21-25

Fall sensory box exploration
Thursday friends reading Five Little Pumpkins to the We Two class
PE with Mrs. Dodd
Make a scarecrow center
Apple scented Play Doh center
Pumpkin seed name center
Special apple pie treat from Miss Stephanie for snack on Friday
Miss Stephanie's scarecrow story
Pumpkin guts center
Kids in the Kitchen
Watercolor pencil pumpkins with Mr K
Adding water to transform our pencil creations

October 15 - 18

Practicing for our program on Grandparents Day!
Homemade casinets for Grandparents Day.
Homemade egg shakers
Hazel & Taygan climbing the ropes
Preschool & JK friends at recess!
Relaxing at recess

October 7 - 11

Field Trip Fun!

Hay ride!
Watching the train go by
Hadley, Ben & Weston
Miss Gloria telling us all about the hidden items in the corn maze.
Jake & Mr. P.J.
Audra & Mr. P.J.
Pressing apple cider.
Tasting our product.
Hay ride
Story time
We love apples!
Corn maze
Scavenger hunt
Hay ride
Charlie Brown and friends
Learning the motions to our new French song.
Built a tent with the imagination playground
Testing out the slide
We all worked together to build a slide track!

Septmeber 30-October 4

Badminton in PE
Reading and singing 5 Little Pumpkins with Miss April in Music.
Hadley found her brother at recess!
Our loose parts choices for portraits
Lily G.
Weston found a comfy spot to read in Library.
Building with shells... Taygan's flowers
Audra's waterfall
Hazel's river with rocks

September 23-27

Building a “waffle slide.”
Husdson’s ice cream stand.
Our items from home
Imagination Playground in PE
Snacking outside with JK

September 16 - 20

Preslie and Amelia working on their self-portraits
Ben making a self-portrait
All About Me provocation
Framing our self potraits
Dance class with Miss Erica
Salsa Dancing
Learning to Salsa Dance!
Meet Clifford! Our featured author for September’s author series is Norman Bridwell
Color mixing and design in art class
Color mixing in Art class
PE class with the 5th graders
Ireland and Bella
Ava & Quinn
Aria & Jack
Jumping rope

September 9-13

Painting with Bubble Wrap
Dot day cookies!
Making our mark with thumbprints!
Painting our dots!
Miss Erica reading a story about dots at snack time, Put me in the Zoo.
The beginning of our dot mural
Making our mark!
Scooters in PE with Mrs. Dodd
Preschool faces!
Reading The Dot
Making music outside
The Wheels on the bus were going round & round with Audra, Sadie & Taygan
Who needs paper and crayons, when you have chalk and tree stumps?!
Hazel & Marley coloring rocks
Miss Stephanie playing color & shape BINGO
More BINGO fun
Self portraits with loose parts

September 3-6

Outdoor Provocations
“I Pledge Allegiance...”
AM class reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
Madame McAteer teaching us about the church bell and how pulling the rope makes it ring in Frere Jacques.

August 26-30

Bubble Fun
Book Cooks with Miss Ami
Book Cooks
Dance with 6th Grade
6th Grade Joined the PM class at Dance
Finding our Ribbons on the Chandelier
Yoga with Miss Julie
Miss Airry adding the bubble ingredients
Mixing the solution
Miss Erica reading a bubble story
Making our own bubble wands
Our library story
Scarves with Mrs Dodd in PE
Preslie made a dinosaur
Marley’s airplane
Hazel’s dog
Sadie and her popsicle stick collection
Dance class with Miss Erica
Art: Watercolor Exploration with Mr. K

Aug 19-23

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