Ritual Trance Dance Facilitators Training

" Imagine moving in an inner-world where space cannot be measured, time dissolves and increased clarity becomes inevitable. What would you call this type of world? Shamanism refers it as the shadow world, a place deep within ourselves where we gather spiritual strength and rediscover wisdom. The rewards for entering into this dark world is a reconnection with everything about ourselves that is presently unavailable to being turned into light. Ritual Trance Dance is a vehicle into this inner world. What makes Ritual Trance Dance compelling is that it is a moving experience and moving experiences seem to be the polar opposite of stillness. As strange as it may seem Ritual Trance Dance is a doorway into a deeper stillness than (perhaps) you already know. “ - Wilbert Alix


The Trance Dance Facilitator Training Program is a 10 day (72 hours) professional training retreat designed to prepare you to conduct a Ritual Trance Dance Program. In this training you will study the mystical, scientific and psychological significance of various states of trance as healing tools and directly explore the Ritual (blindfold) Trance Dance technique. Included in this training is also ritual experiences in Soul Hunting, Rites Of Passage, The Ancestors Walk and more. Since 1989 thousands have taken this training and many currently conduct ongoing Ritual Trance Dance sessions in their community. Ritual Trance Dance journeys are offered in 41 countries.

Due to the extensive experiential nature of this 10-day training previous experience in Ritual Trance Dance is a plus but not absolutely required. What is required is proven maturity, previous training in a psychology based and/or other spiritual transformation related modality, experience as a wellness teacher or facilitator and a willingness to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness directly. This program is designed to train facilitators as well as persons interested in its initiatory (transformational) value. Attendance is open to persons 30 years of age and older. An application process is required before being acceptance into this training.

" This training retreat will take you on a personal mythological journey that will illuminate your mind and heart from darkness into light." - Wilbert Alix

Through his development of Ritual Trance Dance Wilbert Alix has transformed dance & movement into true shamanic medicine that gives participants tools to explore their inner landscape where the seat of the soul resides.

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