Workplace Projects

Cobild by Mim Design

Ecoustic Sculpt Network ceiling tiles provide texture, light and transparency in this luxe space

PDG by Studio Tate

A divine space with Verona leather, inspired by the subtle sophistication of the bespoke suit through fine materials and quality detailing

Axton Finance by Studio Esteta

This elegant office imbues restraint and timelessness with our Elmotique leather and Atelier velvet

EFM by Made For

Moody and sophisticated, this contemporary space stars Tailor textile and Ecoustic Sculpt Network ceiling tiles

Bird + Bird by Geyer

Impacting + stately, Sculpt Taper acoustic ceiling tiles are showcased throughout this confident multi-level space

Matter by Fiona Lynch

Aligning art with purpose, this unique space showcases over-scaled timber vessels and totemic installations in our Elmonordic leather

Port of Melbourne by KHID

Abundant in natural light, this fresh workplace stars Ecoustic Sculpt Network + Tide ceiling tiles

Maddocks by Bates Smart

A beautiful, flexible and sophisticated workplace featuring Genre textiles and Elmotique leathers

Teckne by Made For

A workplace rich in bold lineal elements and measured tones with Ecoustic Sculpt Peak acoustic ceiling tiles, Ecoustic Felt + Origin textiles

Cockram by Paterson Group Architects

Ecoustic Torque Ceiling tiles delineate this light filled breakout space while providing outstanding broadband sound absorption

South 32 by Woods Bagot

A sleek and industrial example of maximised acoustics starring Ecoustic 50mm Panels in a subtle almost-hidden installation

Greenbox by Greenbox Architcture

Luxury, functionality and elegance combine in this boutique workplace with Ecoustic tiles, panels and textiles

Alinta by IA Design

A professional, warm and social fitout with our Ecoustic Blade + Matrix ceiling tiles + Axis on workstation screens

Infolio by KHID

Luxurious and lavish, this exquisite contemporary workplace with Atelier velvet exceeds the boundaries of traditional office design

Uber by Geyer Architects + District Furniture

This collaborative working environment allows for flexibility and agility with custom Ecoustic Baffles


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