Cairo Williams International Supermodel and Model Coach

Cairo Williams

Cairo Williams has been a working model for ten plus years. She's scorched the runway for New York Fashion Week, Calvin Klein, was hired as a campaign model for Maybeline as a commercial model, Face of Slumberpod, and she has shot with countless name brands, from Verizon to Citibank. Currently, Cairo is a face of Tokyo Fashion Express Japan and Brand Ambassador for YBLimited Mobile Glam Squad.

In the early stage of her career, Cairo was extremely self-conscious in front of the camera. Photo shoots were terrifying and it was reflected in the photos. She grew determined to break the cycle of anxiety and self doubt. Cairo realized she didn't have complete control over her movements and body mechanics, no "structure" or "template" to fall back on. Everything she learned from various coaches was useful but limiting. She was taught to "mimic" and "recreate" her instructor's poses and movement.

Although she utilized these techniques, they weren't "flexible" or "adaptable" and could not be relied upon. Out of this need to evolve, Cairo began formulating a "system" designed to yield poised and purposeful angles while generating natural yet compelling face and body positions. Year after year Cairo honed her "system", testing it during hundreds of photo shoots and runway shows. The results were undeniable, the work poured in! She named her method, Clock and Flow™.


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