Homecoming Court 2019-2020

Photo by Edmond Kwong

Zibaa Adil

Q: How do you feel about being nominated?

A: "It's a great honor. It's been a lot of fun so far. I guess it's kind of like made me reflect on the past four years at Homestead and the things I've done."

Photo by Melody Chen

Lior Kishinevsky

Q: What was your reaction to getting nominated? Did you expect it?

A: "I was very very happy. You know, a lot of people told me that they thought I was going to get [nominated], but I still wasn't sure until I found out with the biggest smile on my face."

Photo by Kacey Rebstock

Soraya Miremadi

Q: What was your reaction to getting nominated?

A: "I feel extremely honored and proud to share this moment with friends and family. It's really for the teachers to show gratitude, we appreciate them a lot. And the fact that they're showing us the same respect, it's really nice."

Photo by Melody Chen

Nadav Ben David

Q: What were you doing when you learned you were nominated?

A: "I was just at home chilling and my homie was like, 'You [got nominated] the homecoming court thing!' Then I got super excited and happy."

Photo by Kacey Rebstock

Jacqueline Beaufore

Q: How did you feel when you got nominated?

A: "It felt really cool. I was surprised and kind of embarrassed because they called me out in my class and everybody was cheering."

Photo by Melody Chen

Dominick Rosenthal

Q: What was your reaction when you got nominated?

A: "I don’t remember this, but apparently when it came on the speaker I screamed. I feel like it's nice to be recognized."

Photo by Kacey Rebstock

Anna Chibukhchyan

Q: Why do you think you got nominated?

A: " I try to be sociable and friendly and try to contribute in classes so that might have something to do with [getting nominated]."

Photo by Melody Chen

Tommy Cacho III

Q: What was your reaction when you got nominated?

A: "I was sitting in art class and my name was the first one to be called, so I was really surprised and shocked. I didn't even know that they would be announcing [the nominations] that period."

Photo by Kacey Rebstock

Fabiola Suciu Zamora

Q: Who do you think will win?

A: "I really I wish there wasn't any one winner because I think like everyone in this grade has so many amazing qualities."

Photo by Kacey Rebstock

William Randleman

Q: What was your reaction to being nominated? How did your class react?

A: "[My class] and I were very surprised, they looked at me and everyone gasped."

Photo by Kacey Rebstock

Created by Saanvi Thakur, Kacey Rebstock, Melody Chen, and Shreya Partha