Andre the Giant Book Review by Gabriel,mms

Legendary Legacy

Splat! The 560 Pounder Andre comes crashing down on the Hulkster.The book I am reviewing is Andre the Giant A Legendary Life by Michael Krugman. The people that would like this book is all the Wrestling fans and the historian, because of all the behind scenes (for the wrestling fans) and the history of Andre the Giant (for the historians).

See Andre wanted the WWWF Heavyweight Championship. So Andre fought through the ranks, but he got a spine injury, so he went to the doctor. Then he won the title.

My favorite part is when Andre the Giant goes against Big John Studd, with Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. Before the match Studd was talking about being the true Giant when Andre announces the match between them at wrestlemania I. It was a hard fought battle, but by the end Andre Slams Studd and wins the match.

This book teaches you that to keep moving forward, because Andre never stop doing what he loves, rather it is injury or disease.

The best parts are when someone who knew Andre talk about him and their experiences with Andre. For example Tim white was a great friend of Andre, so the author got with him to talk about the Giant. Even though Andre is dead, his legacy will forever last.

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