Daniela Roig & Hernan Prieto Tango workshops • Missoula - September 2017

Here's a special thanks to everyone who pitched in to make last weekend's workshop a great success!

Thanks to Hernan and Daniela for sharing their delightful enthusiasm and their clear understanding and passion for tango.

Thanks to the DDC - Heather - and to Amy and Julierae for the wonderful dance spaces.

Thanks to Rob and Michaela for hosting our guests. Thanks to all the others who hosted out of town visitors.

Thanks to all the travelers who came into Missoula. Thanks to all the helpers who made the weekend function with food, cleaning, stocking, sweeping and all the other small stuff. And thanks to Lori for helping me stay together too!

We couldn't do it without everyone's love and passion for dancing and for each other! And here's some of the photos from my camera... Thanks to whomever took these photos too!

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