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Physical Discription

  • Mountains- Akwapim Togo mountains
  • Flat plains- Accra Plains
  • Volta Delta
  • Tropical climate

Ghana Map


  • Islam/Muslim
  • Christianity

Slave Trade

  • from Ghana to America
  • the demand for slaves increased

Trading System

  • Gold and salt were the main trade resources
  • Silent barters/bartering was how they bought items, no currency until later
  • Ivory, slaves, salt, gold,cattle, and weapons were traded

Empire Information

  • 4th-13th centry
  • very wealthy from trade
  • strong empire


  • Soninke and Mande were the common languages spoken
  • Islam had a large impact on Ghana's culture
  • Located on the west coast of Africa
  • Starches, corn, and rice were commonly eaten

Current Ghana

  • The economy in Ghana is dominated by agriculture
  • Ghana is a leading exporter of cocoa, gold, and lumber
  • Government type: Presidential Republic


Physical Description

  • mostly a savanna grassland
  • scattered with some plateaus
  • 65% of Mali is a desert/semi-desert
  • hot and dry climate
  • subtropical climate

Map of Mali


  • 98% Muslim
  • 2% Christianity
  • 100% Animist

Slave Trade

  • people were taken as slaves when the empire expanded

Trading System

  • many gold trade routes
  • the most important trade product was gold
  • Mali would import salt

Empire Information

  • 12th-18th century
  • The empire was very wealthy because of gold
  • the strongest leader in Mali was Mansa Musa
  • the empire fell shortly after Mansa Musa died


  • music was and still is very important
  • Mali had many ethnic groups like Bambara, Tuareg, Dagon, Songhai, Senufo, and Fulan
  • many people in Mali would joke which they call "plaisantene"

Current Mali

  • the West African CFA franc is the currency used
  • Bamaki is the capitol
  • French is official language
  • it is a Constitutional Democracy


Physical Description

  • located near the Niger River
  • near the Gao rainforest
  • Most of Songhai is a savanna
  • near the Sahara desert
  • hot and dry climate

Map of Songhai


  • Islam is the main religion
  • there are small religions practiced

Slave Trade

  • Mali was a slave trader with Europe
  • European cities would buy and sell slaves from Songhai

Empire Information

  • from 1375 to 1591
  • also called Songhay
  • Sonni Ali Ber was the first king


  • blend of West African culture and Islam
  • Timbuktu was a large cultural and commercial center
  • Islam had a large impact on Songhai

Current Songhai

  • Monarchy government
  • strong and efficient economy
  • wealthy
  • Islam
  • Cowry is the currency used


Physical Description

  • one of Africa's smallest countries
  • Benin consists of five natural regions: coastal, barre (clay), plateaus, mountains, and plains
  • hot, wet, and humid climate
  • tropical climate

Benin Map


  • 27.1% Catholic
  • 24.4% Muslim
  • 17.3% Vodoun
  • 10.4% Protestant
  • 5.3% other Christian denominations

Slave Trade

  • Benin exported slaves but did not import them
  • Benin traded slaves with Portuguese and Dutch

Trading System

  • Ancient Benin used manillas as currency which is just copper coins
  • traded slaves for manillas from Europeans
  • wealthy from trade
  • traded bronze

Empire Information

  • 900s-1897
  • Benin was originally called Igodomingo which means rulers of the sky
  • became weak and the British gained control in 1897


  • oral history traditions
  • art
  • wood carvings
  • brass casting
  • decorative plaques and sculptures

Current Benin

  • Under developed
  • one of the world's poorest countries
  • French is the official language
  • CFA franc is the currency

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