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I am excited to welcome you back to school 7th graders and welcome those of you who are entering 6th grade to Bella Vista. My name is Mr. Eric Davisson and your student is enrolled in my science class this term. The 2020-2021 school year will be my 7th year at Bella Vista Middle School and 12th year in teaching. Prior to teaching I worked as a Professional Geologist in the southern California region focusing on groundwater modeling, environmental remediation, rockfall scenarios, fault studies, ground acceleration design, EOD & UXO consulting and other environmental or geotechnical projects.

I am looking forward to a great school year! I love all areas of science and I hope to share my passion for science. This is a class dedicated to science allowing me to help facilitate students in discovering how fun, interesting and beneficial tackling problems and scenarios from a scientific perspective can be in our everyday world. One of the great things I love about science is how it can apply to so many things and incorporates the use of math, logical reasoning, art, technology and language arts.

This year is expected to be the first year of the new TCI science textbook across TVUSD. It's my current understanding that this book should be available by early September. I plan to make your child’s learning experience meaningful, interesting and exciting. I enjoying implementing gamification in the learning of science through the use of technology in additon to a a strong emphasis on experiential learning with a focus on hands-on lab exercises. I am hopeful that we will be approved to return to the classroom to perform physical laboratory exercises once it is considered safe. In the meantime we will be utilizing a variety of simulations that vary in sophistication and additional virtual laboratory exercises to support learners in the virtual learning environment to the extent possible.

This will be my third year of running our cyber security teams. This is an exciting opportunity area of growth for the students to learn true 21st Century skills. We are the only middle school to have an opportunity for CyberSecurity in our District and one of very few in Riverside County. Students need no prior computing experience to participate. If you are a parent that works in this field and have an interest in sharing your expertise let me know. I am very excited to offer this to students and look forward to the amazing opportunities in the field of cyber security that is an area of rapid job growth.

Please take some time to review my website and virtual classroom with your student to help familiarize yourself with the course and locate any helpful links. The syllabus includes the course description, expectations, rules and consequences.

Coming to class prepared is very important. The following supplies are typically recommended but not required for this class: single subject composition notebook, 2 sharpened pencils, sharpener or mechanical lead refills, earbuds/headphones, Daily Planner/notebook/calendar (to record homework or notes), glue sticks, colored pencils, scissors, tape, personal mouse (this is very helpful for some students), personal Chromebook, 2-in-1 or tablet (at parents discretion, please register with office digital device form)

I am excited to begin this upcoming year with you. My goal is for students to develop a better understanding of science & technology and learn to truly enjoy it. If there is anything you need to make me aware of, please let me know. Students at this age can have a hard time speaking out until they are comfortable enough to do so. Meeting the needs of each student is very important to me. Please contact me (edavisson2@tvusd.us) should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mr. Davisson, M. Ed., P.G.

B.S. Geological Sciences with emphasis in Hydrogeology Sciences and Mathematics focus

M.Ed. Educational Best Practices

P.G. Professional Geologist

Single Subject GeoSciences with mathematics supplemental

Cybersecurity Team Coach

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