White Lotus Rebellion By Ashley, JULIA, ALLE, AND SAM


The White Lotus Society was under the influence of Wang Lun in Shandong. Wang Lun was an herbalist, leader and Martial artist. The white lotus rebels did not like the rulers of the dynasties of china, and that is why they rebelled. Then Hongwu made the ming dynasty which the rebels did not like. When the emperor of Qianlong sent Helin and Fuk’anggan to stop the rebels from rising, Helin and Fuk’anggan were defeated.


The people of the society followed Taoism, Shamanism, and folk religions. White Lotus faith usually fit well with its commitment to Confucian beliefs, support of family, and loyalty to the throne. The Messiah tried to build a land of justice, peace, and prosperity with good rulers. In response to hunger, crowded conditions, and harassment from government officials, White Lotus leaders in central China began a rebellion; they promised their followers that there would be the "return of the Buddha" and the end of suffering. This meant that justice, peace and prosperity that they wanted. The Chinese spent loads of money trying to get rid of these rebels, but they couldn't do much.


In the alpine region between Sichuan province and Hubei and Shaanxi provinces, a large group of rebels rose up called the White Lotus Society. The rebellion spread farther and farther into the provinces involved. Over 11,297 km from Boston the site of the rebellion is located in the central part of the country. This area is very mountainous the main mountains being the Daba mountain range also known by their Chinese name as the Dabashan. Though very mountainous this area was perfect for hiding and camping out during the war.


The rebellion began in 1794 in the twilight years of the Qianlong emperor but in 1774 prior to the bigger rebellion a smaller one leading up to it, started. The rebellion finally ended in 1804 because Qing Government crushed it. After the White Lotus rebellion the Nian uprising started and swept across North China in 1851-1868. What was happening around the world at this time was in England the first smallpox vaccination was made and the French military leader Napoleon lead his troops to take over Milan.


Even though the rebellion continued for nine years, it never became an attempt to become a new dynasty. Wang Lu (leader) most likely failed because he did not try to raise public support. He also did not distribute stolen money, food, water, supplies, etc.


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