Vietnam War How has current american society been influenced by the war in vietnam?

Map of Vietnam 1965
Air Cavalry soldiers at Ia Drang Valley the first major combat between US and NVA forces
Black soldier carrying a white comrade, Vietnam was the first war in which the military was entirely Desegergated
Another Integrated unit
A new weapon of the war was napalm. Here it is being used to clear out a section of forest
A young drafted soldier wrote war is hell on his helmet this personified the feelings most people had about the war.
A Marine dragging a wounded comarde at the battle of keh sanh
A vietnamese police officer shooting a Vietcong guerrilla during the Tet Offensive
Old women being questioned about if any guerrillas were hiding out in her village
A group of people in New York protesting the Draft
Doves protesting the war
Flower Power Movement protesters putting flowers into gun barrels
Jeffrey miller one of the four victims of the Kent State massacre, where national guardsmen opened fire on a large group of students protesting the war.
Black man protesting the war and racial discrimination at the same time.
Women that want our problems at home fixed before we fight in someone else's war.
The most famous of the Flower Power movement pictures
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