The Persian Gulf War How did our military affect who we were defending?

Emmalee Chastain

On August 2nd after 3 months of accusations of stealing oil, Iraq invaded Kuwait. This beginning one of the most impactful middle-east wars, the Persian Gulf War. After being invaded the build up of the military began. Following these events Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah, the emir of kuwait meet with America's former secretary of defense requesting US military assistance. Then after Iraq wouldn't stand down, former President George Bush starting to send troops to Saudi Arabia. Our military affected this war by our role of defending, bringing weapons and strategies of war, and the outcome we brought to this war.

A line of iraqi soldiers marching through Kuwait

Around August of 1990, once Kuwait was accused for stealing oil, Iraq started to invade Kuwait. Their goal was to obtain and take Kuwait for theirs. This information traveled along to other surrounding powers which lead to them calling to the US for an intervene with our military.


Our allie during the gulf war was Kuwait. Located below Iraq. Once being informed of the invasion, even though we had once supported Iraq. We supported and provides for Kuwait and the surrounding countries.

The first Americans on their soil

After being informed of the war the US partook in their first military act. Deploying 500,000 soldiers to Saudi Arabia. Being placed here incase Iraq decided to attack beyond Kuwait to Saudi. Being there to back up both Kuwait and Saudi. This movement being known as desert shield.

Desert Storm

Desert storm was the US first missile attack on Iraq. This was the largest event and it made up almost all of the first war. The impact it had on Kuwait was a period of peace which the us military allowed to happen.


On Saturday January, 19th US troops invaded Kuwait oil rigs. This was a form of protecting Kuwait. Once on the rigs they started to capture the first Iraqi prisoners of the war.

iraq invasion
cease fire

After Americas intervene and 43 days of war. Our goal to protect our allies of Kuwait was achieved. We impacted them by saving them from becoming iras new providence. Along with that we saved a lot of land over there.

impact after first war

After the desert storm the country of Kuwait was at peace and our military was the base behind it. We impacted the outcome of their fate by the missile attack. But my grandpa who use to work at a postal service, was talking to soldiers from the war, and even they knew the job wasn't done, and they would once return.

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