Chestermere Honey Bee Society Swarm Catching Group

The Chestermere Honey Bee Society is a community of people who care about our city and creating a beautiful place for everyone. A big part of that is making our city a pollinator friendly place. We care about bees, because if the bees are gone, we're not far behind. Depending on the time of year, we get calls about honey bee swarms, bumble bee nests, or wasps. We're here to help, here's what you need to know:

Wasps: we don't like them. They build nests in our yards and scavenge, and they like to sting. They are pests and will hurt beneficial bugs. We advise that you get rid of them. If you need help, contact Preston at 403-880-6486
Bumble Bees: We love these gentle fuzzy bees. They focus on pollinating flowers and live in very small families. We advise leaving them alone, they likely won't be back next year, so enjoy them. If you need them moved, contact Preston at 403-880-6486
Honey Bees: We really love them. They are valuable pollinators. When they swarm, they are just looking for a new home, so let's give them a hand. Contact a local beekeeper for assistance.

Local Swarm Catching Beekeepers

Here is a list of local Chestermere-area garden beekeepers who can help with catching bee swarms. The first trick is to catch the bees, the second is to have a home ready for them. Some beekeepers may not be available or have the space, so call around - beekeepers are eager to give them a safe home.

  • Tracy Weicht: 403-796-8158
  • James Symes: 403-875-5256
  • Miranda Lock: 403-818-7123
  • Sherry Phillips: 403-804-1472
  • Andrea Fleming: 403-998-8576
  • Preston Pouteaux: 403-880-6486
  • Bruce Hardardt: 403-630-1783
  • Aaron Tremblett: 403-708-0311

Wait, don't bees sting?

The most important insects in the world have a way to defend themselves: a stinger. If they didn't they'd be food for a lot of animals. So their defence system is valuable & important. But if this makes you nervous, we have an excellent resource to help ease your fears:

For more information, to book a speaker for your school group, or to simply have an enthusiastic chat about all things bees and neighbourhoods in Chestermere, email Preston Pouteaux at

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