HMS Press Volume 3 Issue 3

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The California Wildfires

By: Lydia Fish, Cloey Phillips, and Jeremy Stuller

Seventeen wildfires have been ravaging through the Californian wildlife and several homes over the past few months, leaving everything in ruins and forcing many families across the state to evacuate to safer areas. No matter where you are in California, no one is safe from these fires. Even if you are not impacted by the fires, you will most likely be affected by the air quality, which is considered moderate in northern california, and near San Francisco, California.

Over three hundred thousand acres have burned, causing fifty-two thousand people to evacuate, and around eighty-eight thousand buildings and homes were destroyed. Fortunately, there are around six thousand people fighting the fire. Around eighty people have died, though the number of missing persons has dropped from approximately one thousand to seven hundred. Other victims of this wildfire are pets and animals. It is estimated that thousands of animals will be found dead or injured. Not only are house pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits being left behind, but also horses and a variety of livestock.

Many of these damaging fires from California are said to be the cause of human interaction. A man named Forrest Clark was arrested with possible connection to multiple wildfires that are still blazing. Another current wildfire was said to have been caused by a campfire, which is right outside of Chico, California. This wildfire is now tied as the most lethal wildfire in history. PG&E, a gas and electric company in Northern California, is being investigated as to the cause of the fire and, “Could be subject to significant liability in excess of insurance coverage.” These are only a few reasons for the fires, as there are many more reasons as to why these fires have started, such as the drought that’s currently going on.

The good thing about these fires; California has already experienced very similar fires last year because of the drought, and they now know how to fight and cope with these fires effectively. Nearly 9,000 wildfires raced through the state and destroyed 1.2 million acres of land. The fires destroyed nearly 11,000 structures and killed at least 46 people. Some people who witnessed these fires said quote, “It’s like a real life apocalypse.” It was, at the time, the largest fire to ever be recorded in California history, it was so large it could have covered most of Washington D.C.

While California has had its fair share of wildfires, this particular wildfire has been recorded the most destructive in the state’s history. Many families have been drastically affected, but now the families can return back to California because now the fire has officially been reported as being contained. And maybe people lives in California can return back to normal again and the cities and forests that have been affected can be restored back to their former glory.






Most Wanted Christmas Gifts Throughout the Years

By Sadie Haidet, Avery Bennett, and Jonah Williamson

It’s getting to be that time of year; Christmas is nearly here! Check off your calendars, and be sure to write a wishlist! Speaking of a wishlist - are you having trouble making your’s? Well, have no fear, here is a list of the most popular Christmas gifts throughout the years - maybe you’ll even get a few ideas to add to your list, or maybe a list for someone to whom you are gifting! Without further ado, here is our list of top most wanted Christmas gifts throughout the years!

We will start our list in the year 1990. Many of our parents will remember this year, but do we? Well, most of us don’t; we weren’t born! However, these characters are still around today! In 1990, the most popular toy was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures! The film had reeled in more than $200 million, so it is quite reasonable that these were the most popular gift for young people. In fact, more than 30 million of these action figures were sold by the end of the year 1990, with most being Christmas gifts.

In 1995, the newest and greatest gift came around, Beanie Babies. Beanie Babies had taken the world by storm just 2 years earlier, and after a couple of years people were still buying them as gifts for their kids. Beanie Babies were created when Ty Warner formed his company, Ty, and A line of adorable cats that were light, soft, and filled with beans, which was unique to this new idea for a toy. This is because before that, most stuffed animals were stiff and difficult to pose, and for those reasons people loved them, but consumers decided they wanted to get rare Beanie Babies and people stopped buying more common Beanie Babies. In 2008, the original Beanie Babies were discontinued for Beanie Babies 2.0 series. Sadly, the line was discontinued a year later for unknown reasons. During all of that, people wanted a quicker way to travel, or a flashier way of doing tricks in the end of a millenium.

In 2000, a new century had arrived. Also, a new scooter had hit the scene - the Razor Scooter was an all-time hit! Their marketing team had quite the challenge, considering that the age demographic was unclear. They attempted to market it using college kids, techies, Wall Streeters, kids, and teenagers, making it appear that everyone was using - and loving - these scooters! This worked so well, in fact, that Razor sold around five million of these scooters during the year 2000! This scooter craze may seem excessive now with all of our technology, but this was eighteen years ago, and although that isn’t extremely long, a lot of technology was invented more recently.

In 2005 the most wanted gift was Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Microsoft was rushed to release the Xbox 360 to rival Sony’s PlayStation 3, and ended up selling a whopping 1.5 million consoles by the end of the year. At first, Microsoft was targeting hard core gamers, but it then expanded to people of all ages with the 360’s wide variety of games. To help expand their income Microsoft included a DVD player, and it could play music from MP3’s. There have been around 70 million sold due to these new features. Microsoft discontinued the 360 back in 2016, but you can still find quality, cheap, 360’s on the internet.

More recently in 2010, another piece of technology was erupting - Apple’s brand-new iPad! This was the first generation of iPad, and it was completely new and unique. Many of us are used to Apple’s larger iPads with more features, but at the time, this was a technological breakthrough! Nowadays, many people are looking to upgrade their iPads to a newer model, so first generation iPads can have other uses, such as a kids’ tablet, a recipe book, or for the business type, a dedicated inbox. But as previously stated, this was an amazing and highly praised piece of technological wonders.

A couple years back, there was a craze for the new Star Wars films. Of course, along with a new film comes new merchandising from the film, and 2015 was no exception with the BB-8 Droid by the company Sphero. The toy was controlled with your iPhone and would roll the body of BB-8 around while keeping the head on top via magnetism. The toy also came with a nice box to store the droid in, and that allowed for convenient portability and taking your BB-8 on the go. Technology has evolved so you can take your phones on the go, but also your home computers and video game consoles.

This year, 2018, the Nintendo Switch is looking like it will become the most wanted Christmas gift. While most of us now know what this console is, for those who don’t, it is a gaming console that consists of two parts; the ‘Switch Dock’ (the more stationary portion) and the ‘Switch Console’ (the more mobile portion), it is like a hybrid between a console and a handheld device. While both of these things can be moved, the ‘Switch Console’ is definitely less mobile than the ‘Switch Dock’, as the dock is completely handheld, which has been known to be very convenient for the user. The Switch is fairly new, it was released the beginning of last year, and Nintendo has sold about 30 million units.

Overall, the ideals for a Christmas gift have very much changed, from a small turtle action figure, to a Nintendo gaming console. As you read through this list, you can easily watch our world’s technology and skills improve to the point where we all are wondering the same thing that we have been for decades; “Could it really get much better than this?” Now that, dear reader, is up to you!














The Release of Red Dead Redemption 2

By: Sophie Drake, Brant Hays, Nick Sullivan

The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 was long awaited by the gaming community around the world. The game is a sequel to the original Red Dead Redemption which released back in May of 2010, while the new game was released on October 26, 2018. The game has new exciting features that you will have to continue reading to find out about.

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released AFTER the first game it is a prequel. But even before the first game came out, Red Dead Revolver was released which started the Red Dead series which would grow to be one of Rockstar games most popular series. The original Red Dead Redemption is based around a reformed man named John Marston who is promised a clean slate by the government if he takes down the remaining members of the Dutch van der Linde gang. The second game follows the outlaw Arthur Morgan as he works with the Dutch van der Linde gang.

As for new features, survival elements, robbery, horse care, more customization choices, new multiplayer game modes, treasure hunting, and a second story in the online mode, and the honor system is now in place. Depending on your moral choices you will get a different story and it changes the gameplay drastically. The new map is the largest in a rockstar games game to date. While we won’t spoil everything for you, we’ll cover what’s new. Some of the survival elements include the need to eat, drink, and sometimes even sleep to maintain a healthy body throughout the game. A big part of the game is robbery with train robbery, store robbery along with their side businesses, and robbing other individuals. As for your horse, most of the survival elements listed above that apply to you, also apply to your horse. You have to brush and feed the horse all the while increasing your bond with the horse which improves it’s stamina and allows it to do special things like rearing and drifting. There is more customization choices with your clothing as well. A big part of the new game is the multiplayer option, with game modes like Most Wanted, Hostile Territory, Name your Weapon, Make it Count, Shootout, and Team Shootout. When treasure hunting there is a special map you have to follow to find your treasure. Last, but not least is the new online gameplay where you do side missions with other people and explore the giant world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is certainly a game worth playing. I’m sure many others will tell you the same thing. With this game you have more control and you can embrace your character more than ever. While this game wasn’t nominated for game of the year it doesn’t make it any less great.

Fantastic Theories of Harry Potter:From the crackpot to the convincing

By: Molly Robinson, Justice Neal, and Bill Carpenter

The famous book and movie franchise, Harry Potter, is full of magic and wonder. Because of this, there are so many theories that could be possible. Harry Potter is so well known, and you may believe you know it inside and out, but you may be surprised and learn something new. From the weirdest theories that genuinely make you question the entire series of Harry Potter, to small ones that are a nice thing to know when you read, these theories should be entertaining. Of course all of them are interesting, but some more so than others with less, or more credible evidence.

This first theory will make sense whether you’ve read Harry Potter or not. The theory is that Harry simply dreamed the entire series. He was an eleven year old boy with a quite active imagination. With Harry Potter’s hard life and with no escape from the torment of the Dursleys, like many traumatic events, it can cause a person to imagine a better situation and instil mental problems. Harry Potter is a perfect example of this, constantly abused and injured from Dudley and tormented by his family. It’s reasonable that he would imagine himself in a better situation. Like one where he is the central character of it, the most important of anyone. It’s the exact opposite of his life with the Dursleys, where he is considered scum and trash. The reality of it though is that Harry Potter is a traumatized boy with no other escape other than his mind, dreams up a story where he is important, loved, and wanted.

Now, take a break, breathe. Our next theory should hopefully revive some of that falsely had hope! J.K Rowling has stated that there are about 1,000 students at Hogwarts. It is also mentioned that there are about 10 Gryffindors in Harry’s year. This was confusing for many readers, because the numbers weren’t adding up. However, there is a theory that covers this unanswered question. All of the kids in Harry’s year had to have been born around 1979 or 1980--the exact same time that the war with Voldemort was going on. This adds up, as parents wouldn’t want to bring a child into the world with a war going on.

Now, for a slightly less depressing theory that seems somehow more convincing than the last. The idea of the theory is that Ron Weasley is actually Dumbledore. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that’s (SPOILER ALERT) impossible! Dumbledore died! However, you would be wrong to assume that the idea is that Dumbledore is actually a future Ron, who came back into time in order to help assist Harry and Hermione, and even his younger self. This would explain Dumbledore’s massive love for everything sweet. It also explains Dumbledore’s seemingly omnipotent knowledge of events before they happen. The only problem is that if Dumbledore was Ron, then he would know Snape betrayed him. The rebuttal for that is, that Ron knew Snape would betray him and still chose to try to help, even knowing it may cost him his life. In the movie, when Dumbledore died it is later revealed that Dumbledore knew that he was going to die, he just didn’t want the blood on Malfoy’s hands, which is why he pleads with Snape to kill him. All of this information put together makes a convincing theory, since Dumbledore’s fate was known to himself long before it happened.

Theories can make you think about a world totally different, even a world as crazy as the Harry Potter universe. From the simple theory that Harry dreamt it all to the mind bending theory that Ron is a time travelling Dumbledore, can really change your outlook on the story and give you a different perspective. Next time you’re reading Harry Potter or watching the movies, think about some these theories-- they may give you an idea for your own theory. You never know, it may be true.

Bulldogs In Action

Got Game?

By: Sydney Werner, David Link, and Courtney Kugel

Everybody always talks about the sports happening in our school, but nobody ever focuses on the people that play outside of school. The athletes that play for the school get pep rallies, magnets for their lockers, and posters for the hallway. They are advertised so much that we forget about everybody with other talents. Therefore, we decided it would be cool to ask some people from our own school about the sports that they play outside of school.

We went around and asked athletes that play club sports a few questions. These athletes were asked things such as “Do you enjoy playing club?” and “Has club helped you see a future career in your sport?” We had a lot of similar answers but, some really stood out to us. We would like to thank all of the members outside of our school district who work hard to play for their club team.

The first question we asked people was “Do you enjoy playing sports outside of school, or do you wish that you just played school sports?” and 100% of people said that they do like playing outside of school. A bit of them also said they like playing outside more than for the school. The reasons for this is that they get more experience and get to work with different people.

Our next question was “What made you start playing this sport outside of school?” and people answers varied from “ I like this sport a lot and I wanted to play more” to “ friends and parents got me into the sport.” So, as you can see, some people that play outside of school love the sport a lot and that's why they chose to play outside, but for some people they started playing at a young age and stuck with the sport.

Now our next question was to see where people play, to see the variation of places. Taliyah Holmes plays basketball for “All Ohio” which is out of Columbus, Ben Ridgeway plays for the “Raptors” in Zanesville, Sydney Werner plays for “Barcelona United” in Pickerington/Groveport, and finally David Link and Ryan Perkins play for the “Newark Generals” in Newark. So, as you can see, people come from all over the place to play at some clubs.

Since we're talking about bulldogs outside of school, we asked them when they started playing sports, most responses talked about ages from 3 years old to 12 years old. A few kids started playing club later but had previously played other sports in Heath. Most kids started playing club after they played in school.

We decided to ask the participants if they were planning to continue to play club, and they all said that they were. It is most likely due to the friendships and opportunities it gives them. The students may not be known in Heath but, they are known by the club and the community as well.

A lot of youngsters want to continue their career in sports even throughout college but, some students do not. This is why we decided to ask our volunteers if club contributed to the thought of playing sports in college. One of the athletes said that they’d like to become a pro or coach in their sport. Another student said that they enjoy club sports but they do not see a future in sports. The rest of the students said that they would definitely want to play in college.

These athletes are the future of our school and who knows, maybe someday they will be in the olympics, but for now they are going to continue doing awesome in their sports. When we asked them these questions, you could tell that they really like their sports and want to keep getting better. Thank you to Taliyah Holmes, Ben Ridgeway, Sydney Werner, David Link, Elizabeth Bradford, and Ryan Perkins for helping us out. Play ball!!!

Do you enjoy playing sports outside of school, or do you wish that you just played school sports?

David- “I’d rather play outside so you can meet more people and make new friends.”

Taliyah- “I like playing outside because, I can have different experiences with different teammates.”

Ben- “Yes, I enjoy playing sports outside of school.”

Sydney- “Yes I enjoy playing outside of school because i feel like it is more challenging for me and I get more experience.”

Elizabeth- “Yes, I enjoy playing more volleyball with club.”


What made you start playing this sport outside of school?

Taliyah- “I thought it was interesting so, I wanted to do more of it.”

Ben- “I love Basketball.”

Sydney- “My parents put me in soccer when I was 3 and, I loved it.”

David- “My Dad once took me to learn to play hockey and ever since then I’ve loved it.”

Elizabeth- “I wanted to get better at volleyball and, club was a way to help me get better.”

Ryan-”It is fun and David got me into it”

Where do you play club?

Taliyah- “All Ohio”

Ben- “Raptors”

Sydney- “Barcelona United”

David- “Newark Generals”

Elizabeth- “TCA”

Ryan-”Newark generals”

When did you start playing club?

Taliyah- “When I was in 6th grade”

Ben- “When I was young”

Sydney- “When I was 8 years old.”

David- “When I was about 3.”

Elizabeth- 5th grade

Ryan-”When I was about 9

Do you plan on continuing to play club? If not, explain why?

Taliyah- “Yes”

Ben- “Yes”

Sydney- “Yes”

David- “Yes”

Elizabeth- “Yes”


Has club helped you see maybe a future career in the sport you play?

Taliyah- “Yes because, I just want to see how far I can go with the effort I put in.”

Ben- “I want to play in college.”

Sydney- “Yes, I would like to play in college.”

David- “I’d like to play college then maybe become a Hockey Pro (like coach).”

Elizabeth- “No, not really”

Ryan-”Yes past collage”

Who Let the Dogs Out? Don’t worry they are in the Doghouse

By: Josie Redman, Gannon Knox, and Zack Davis

Every Wednesday we have a special schedule so we can have an extra amount of time in between 3rd and 4th period. This time is called Doghouse. This time is dedicated to working towards a goal for the end of the year to work up to lead day. You also participate in lead activities to help you work on The Seven Habits. You took a survey at the beginning of the year for what Doghouses you might be interested in. This was to help figure out what doghouse you should be in. However, there are other Doghouses than just yours and they all have something they are working on. Some of the Doghouses include Student Council, Mock Trial, Lego League, National Junior Honors Society (also known as NJHS), book club, yearbook, school spirit, and mindfulness group aka the Calm in the Storm, ‘Merica the country doghouse, and yoga. Today we are here to tell you about some of the doghouses and what they are doing.

Do you like service? Do you like helping the community? Do you have good ideas? Well then this Doghouse might appeal to you. What Doghouse is that? Well it is National Junior Honors Society (NJHS), but not just anyone can be in this Doghouse. You heard at the beginning of the year a lot about applications and GPA. Well the 25 kids who are in this Doghouse had to apply. They are all 7th,and 8th graders and have at least a 3.25 GPA. You can apply to be in this Doghouse next year to be part of the action. You may be asking: What action? Well so far NJHS has had a bake sale, packed meals for people in other countries, won the food drive, and plan to go to a nursing home on Dec. 8th. NJHS is centered around service, and made so that the kids who are academically ahead get some recognition. NJHS is run by Mrs. Hersman and I'm sure she would love to see you next year.

Have you ever been to court? I sure hope not, we are only teenagers after all. Though there some kids that have been to court and participated in it... and that’s the kids in Mock Trial! Mock Trial has been around for a while, as some 8th graders have been in it since 6th grade. Though in the new 8th grade year, the activities has been moved as a Doghouse activity. The dog house is still having meetings, but now the dog house can get some more time on every Wednesday. This year’s Mock Trial consists of kids in a variety of grades, and it’s being run by Mrs. See. She receives professional help by a real attorney, Mrs. Vanwinkle (not our secretary), and for most of our out of school meetings we get to meet with her and work with her. All this talk about mock trial, what is it anyway? Every year you get a new case, ranging from treason to murder. There are multiple witnesses on each side. The witnesses for the trial do not have a script, they have to read their “Witness Statement” dozens of times so they can get in the groove of that character and answer accordingly to their personality. There are two attorneys on each side, and they have to question their own witnesses with their own questions. These questions are meant to get out important information without the other side barking out at you, even though you can get objections in mock trial. These attorneys also cross examine, or question someone for the other side. This is quite tricky though, as the attorney when they go to competition will have a witness they’ve never seen, and the witness will be questioned by an attorney they've never seen. Sounds interesting, right? Well I won’t lie, we haven't even begun it! We are planning to start after christmas break, and our competition will be near the end of the school year. But even without starting yet, this Doghouse is a quite rewarding but challenging activity.

Do you like reading? The Book Doghouse, also known as the Page Turners, is definitely an uneventful Doghouse but, that doesn’t mean they don’t have plans. The biggest goal they have currently is to replace the take a book, leave a book table outside of the office with a bookshelf so people can delve into another adventure. Another thing they are working on is to read books! Wow, what a surprise but really. Everyone in the Doghouse chose a book they wanted to read from their favorite genre and after a week of reading they will get into groups to talk about what they read that week. Some of the books that people could have chose from we're Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi and The City of Ember made by Jeanne DuPrau. Both of these books are award winners and you should check them out. Many people can learn to enjoy reading and if you don’t enjoy reading maybe you can get a book from the soon to be bookshelf outside of the office or try the books mentioned above.

Relating back to the question we asked at the beginning, we hope with all this talk you understand why Doghouse even happens. Through the goals in each Doghouse may be different, all of them share the same responsibility to savor some extracurricular tastes, and also be fun for all of the grades here! If you aren’t in the throne of 8th grade, we hope that maybe next year or future years you will consider these dog houses if they are there for you to join. Who knows, there might be stuff in dog house that are similar to these in high school even! We wish you many good school weeks, and even better wednesdays every week!





Longaberger No More?

By: Camden Walsh, Hannah Carney, Macayla Miles and Eli Bridges

You’re driving down 79, you glance up to see a giant basket. It’s not too long before you remember it’s going to be sold. The Longaberger basket has been the headquarters for the Longaberger basket company for 20 years up until last year when the company went out of business.

The company was founded by Dave Longaberger, in 1973. When the company began it was quite a success. At its peak it reached an approximate profit of $1 billion and supported nearly 8,000 employees. However, despite its once thriving business over the past twenty years there has been a significant decline in popularity and sales. A decline that was so detrimental that it could no longer be reversed. “I am very sorry to have to tell you that Longaberger, at this time, has ceased operations,” said a note sent Friday to Longaberger sales consultants. The note advised sales consultants to “please take action as soon as possible” in contacting credit-card companies and also advised against attempting to place any further orders.”

In 1997 the building was built as a replica of one of the baskets Longaberger makes. It is actually 160 times larger than the basket that they make. The building is located at 1500 East Main St., Newark, Oh.The building was made as a corporate warehouse for the company on December 17, 1997. It cost $30 million to build it. The building is 192 feet long and 126 feet wide at the very bottom of the basket. Then at the top it is 208 feet long and 142 feet wide. The company liked it so much that they made two more basket buildings. There is one in Frazeysburg and Dresden.

The Longaberger company has left its headquarters in Newark and had made plans to reopen in Dresden but failed to do so. The company will now be closing. This may be a disappointment to some as the Longaberger company has been around for as long as many can remember. Many people believe that the decline on the company falls on the marketplace change, and the popularity of baskets decline. The 911 terrorist attacks along with the Recession 2007-09 really changed spending habits. “I think the economy played a big part of it. When the economy tanked for a period of time, people would rather spend money on food, shoes and clothes, things they really needed, than baskets” -Newark Advocate

All in all, it is quite a shame to see this iconic company come to an end. However, it’d also be a shame to see it go on while suffering in profits. After the first transaction of 1.2 million dollars falling through the building is once again for sale, so if you’re interested in a giant basket just contact the owner!




Teacher Feature: Mrs. Thomas

By: Taliyah Holmes, Evan Waddell, and Alexis Martin

Who’s your favorite teacher? The Honors 8 English class has taken a survey on who they thought should win, and the winner? Mrs. Thomas! For a while it was tied between Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Schuh, but in the matter of just 3 more votes Mrs. Thomas came out on top! Mrs. Thomas is an English teacher as well as one of two science teachers for the 8th grade, along with Mrs. Schuh. Mrs. Thomas is very active with her class and enthusiastic to help her students learn in a way that will be fun, but still informs them on what they need to succeed. She is a big influence to all of her students and inspires them to be amazing.

Our Interview

Question 1. How many years have you worked at Heath?

“I have worked at Heath for about 7 years.”

Question 2. Why do you admire Disney princesses?

“They represent strong females; they show women can accomplish anything, and they set positive examples. Women can be anything they want when the go for it. Disney princesses embrace their inner sparkle!”

Question 3. What inspired you to be a teacher?

“Positive teachers I have had bonds with; accepting my individuality; and to pay back positive energy to kids.”

Question 4. Is there anything you want students to know about Heath, or about you?

“Heath is so awesome; you can’t find what you find here anywhere else; everyone is unique in a good way; I want everyone to know that it is okay to embrace your quirkiness!”

Quotes from classmates:

“She's always happy and it raises my spirits.” ~Sydney Werner

“She helps me when I’m stuck and cheers me up when I’m down. One of my favorite teachers this year!” ~Hayden Lee

“She’s really loud and fun.” ~David Link

“Her energy brings a lot to the activities.” ~Gannon Knox

“She’s always happy, a sweet person, always there to talk to, a very supportive person she’s very understanding when it comes to school and personal life.” ~Macayla Miles

“Mrs. Thomas is such a positive person and always knows how to make someone smile when they are feeling down about something, and she is very understanding when someone isn't having the day, or time in their life.” ~Alexis Martin

“I just want to say thank you Mrs. Thomas for being a huge impact on so many students and pushing them to be their best selves. You can tell how much you influence students and how much they care about you. Your an amazing help to everyone. Your happy energy brings light to everyone’s life, thank you!” -Taliyah Holmes

In conclusion, Mrs. Thomas has impacted many and knows how to make them smile. We greatly appreciate her as a leader, she is a role model for both students, and teachers. She does a great job teaching both science, and English, and - without a doubt- you will walk out of her classroom with a smile.


Helpful or Harmful: Should Phones be Allowed in Class?

By: Elizabeth Bradford, Hannah Yantis, Ben Ridgeway, and Hayden Lee

In today’s world, phones are used for almost everything. From a simple Google search, to researching for a important assignment, we always have some kind of access to the Internet. Most students from elementary school to high school keep their phones in their pockets during class. But if it’s not in their pockets, then there’s a high chance that it’s in their backpacks. Even though some people aren't doing anything on their phones during class, some teachers still think phones are a distraction. But are phones really harmful to the learning environment inside a classroom? Would kids abuse their powers for cellphones in class, or make it helpful learning tool? Here, we wanted to share our opinions on this important topic.

With Ben and Elizabeth fighting for phones in class and Hannah and Hayden fighting for phones out of class, here are the pros and cons of having phones in the classroom.

So are you wondering why some people think there should be phones in the classroom? Are you not sure what side you’re on? We believe that phones should be in the classroom. Here’s why.

According to the Pew research center, 73% of teens ages 13-17 own a phone. Most of those teens bring their phones to school, and any rules banning phones have not stopped kids from bringing them to school. If teens are already bringing their phones to school, then they might as well be using them for educational purposes. There are many apps that can help students learn. Some examples of these are Khan Academy, Freckle, Kahoot, and many others. Not to mention Google, which gives students access to the internet and everything on it. Google can help students with just about anything, including research for essays or projects.

Also, if kids were allowed access to their phones in the classroom, they would get more involved and they would be more excited to learn. In addition to that, phones allow kids to easily get in contact with their parents if needed.

Some people say that phones should not be in the classroom because they are a distraction to students. This is true, however, there are some very easy ways to prevent students from being on their phones when they are not supposed to. For example, in the Honors 8 English (that’s us!), phones are allowed in the classroom, but when students aren't supposed to be on them they have to be on top of the table where Mrs. Andrews can see them and know that we are not on them. This is just one of the many simple ways that teachers can keep track of students phones when they are learning.

As you can see, phones clearly have a place in the classroom. They can help students learn, make learning more enjoyable, and keep students in contact with their parents. This is why phones should be allowed in the classroom.

You might be wondering why phones shouldn’t be in the classroom. When it comes to some students, some are responsible with their electronics, and will use when the teacher allows it and puts it away when they are told to. However, other students will abuse this privilege to do things they shouldn’t, such as cheat or message friends in the middle of class. This could lead to unfair grades and incorrect assumptions about educational progress.

Furthermore, phones can be very noisy. This can be a distraction for not only the students, but teachers as well. Sounds coming from phones will distract anyone in the proximity, leading to an inefficient use of time. If students aren’t willing to follow the standards given to them, then they shouldn’t be allowed to use their electronic devices.

In conclusion, there are many pros and cons to having phones in class. From making learning more interesting to the misuse of phones, the decision is all up to the staff based on the behavior of the students. All in all it is an important issue going on nowadays that phones are becoming a huge part of today's time.









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