Divine by Perline mathurin

My feeling once I entered was I'm doing this for a grade to let me just get this over and done with. I was by myself and it was hard to enjoy going and getting dressed all fancy. I heard it was going to be long and that I had to stay longer for the talk back as well. The setting was dark once that play started which made my attention fixed on the play also I was in the second row so I got a good view of the cast. Being in front made the experience more interactive for me because I got to see the reactions and details of the play that would probably not have been seen in the back.
I went to the play by myself. I engaged in conversations with someone next to be during intermission. Due to me being by myself I was able to find a single seat in the second row to get a good view. Before the play, I read the things to do in canvas then I realized I had to dress up. I just grabbed my clothes and through it on because it was late and I needed to go before they close the doors. The role of the shared "Good Life" is that it is a sense of reaching self actualization.
From the play I was able to understand that rape was not talked about even poverty. Going to a play was for the rich and it was just something to make them cry. The play never talked about what life is really like outside of the four walls of the upper class. So throughout the play it displayed controversial topic such as rape, suicide, and terrible working conditions for the lower class. The talk back gave great insight and let us know that this is how play writer get their voices to be heard through the actors. Everyone has their own way of doing this like blogging or protesting like the Women's March. Plays are an innovative way of getting a message across that rape is a serious issue and it effects everyone around not just one person.
Divine helps society are a whole to be brought to justice. The world needs to know the truth that most worked in terrible working conditions such as long hours, children dying, and repetitive work. Society needed to know that rape happened not only to women but to men that were pursuing the job of being a priest. Eyes needed to open and the truth needed to come from the dark into the light.

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