Important Discovery Made By Local Student by nick yang,science reporter

In 2025 ,in a Canadian laboratory,there was a two-person group experiment where two female students ,The name of the two girls called an Anna called Anne were assigned to one group.

Two female students in the experiment

The two girls are very shy,one of the girls more introverted,Another girls is cheerful,the two girls together with the microscope to do experiments,study cells,one of the more colorful girl in the microscope found that cell changes soon the two of them discovered a new cell.

Cancer cell

The news pared to the professor's ear,the professor let them two carefully study the new cell.This new cell after the unremitting efforts of the two female students,found that this new cell can cure cancer.

But did not last long,this cell variation, and after the two female student of the cell not only can not cure cancer,but will increase cancer cell proliferation,this study is to combat this two female students in the professor of persuasion,which two female students from new research this new cell and found this new cell not only can cure cancer can also make people body the better.

Make new cell

The two girls made a great contribution to mankind.

Today, I interviewed two female students, These two female students kindly told me. "We just started to study more difficult to find the treatment of cancer cells in the whole process,and finally to contribute to all mankind." said the two girls .

Two girls for this trial to pay a lot of effort,because the cells found in the treatment of cancer cells took a lot of world famous award,but also a lot of scientists admire the two female students,so we have to applaud the two female students.

I interviewed two girls, they said "As long as there is contribution to the future of matter how tired we feel, it does not matter."

Today,I interviewed two girls and learned about their successful process, so I hope everyone will learn from them to contribute to the future of mankind.


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