Billy the Kid christina lawson and chelsey brady

Billy the Kid, born Henry McCarty; also known as William H. Bonney (September 17, 1859 – July 14, 1881) was an American Old West gunfighter who participated in New Mexico's Lincoln County War. he was most likely born Henry McCarty in the Irish slums of New York City sometime in late 1859. Though only active for a little over five years, the Kid worked as everything from a cattle rustler and gang member to a vigilante gunfighter, eventually becoming the most wanted man on the American frontier. He only has killed 8 men in he's life time. He became handy with a Winchester rifle and a Colt revolver, and in August 1877 he killed his first man during a dispute in an Arizona saloon. The Kid was known for his easygoing personality, but he wasn’t afraid to draw his six-shooter when provoked. In a four-year span between 1877 and 1881, the baby-faced outlaw was involved in the shooting deaths of some nine men, at least four of whom he killed single handedly. But before that he worked on a reach house and used that money on gambling.He was shot by Sheriff Pat Garret.

Billy the Kid and Joseph Antrim

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