Rainforest Daintree RAINFOREST, Australia

Rainforest Climate

Monthly rainfall in inches= 5.7 average, 12 maximum, .5 minimum

Monthly temperature in Fahrenheit = 82.4°, 87.1° maximum, 64.1° minimum

The seasons consist of a wet season and dry season, with not much change in temperature.

Daintree Rainforest Climatogram

Net Primary Productivity

The Rain forest biome has one of the highest Net Primary Productivity numbers and approximate kilocalories per square meter per day, showing that the rain forest has a large amount of wildlife. There is never any frost in the rain forest, unlike other biomes, and it has the highest rainfall in inches per year. It covers 11% of the earth's surface, which is smaller than most biomes, but accounts for lots of diverse wildlife and species. The Rain forest is typically found near the equator in humid environments.

Soil Quality

The quality of the soil in the Daintree Forest is poor, with much of the nutrients in the soil being leached by the nearby plants. The very top layer of soil is nutrient rich due to the decaying animals and vegetables, which allows for the large scale growth that is present in the forest.

Endangered and Invasive

Endangered - Musky Rat Kangaroo - It is the smallest kangaroo in the world, lives on the jungle floor, and is one of the few daytime marsupials in existence. It moves more like a rabbit than like a kangaroo. It has become endangered because of new golf courses and houses being built in place of the forest it once lived in.

Invasive - Tramp ants - Tramp ants are among the world’s worst most dangerous invasive species, attacking, blinding, and killing vertebrates and invertebrates, and electric ants have contributed to the decline of many native species in places like Hawaii, the Galapagos and New Caledonia. On Australia’s Christmas Island they have lead to severe disruption of ecosystem services. There are concerns that the ground-nesting habits of cassowaries may make them particularly vulnerable to attacks by electric ants.



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