The Middle East Now Lee p1

On March 2nd 2017, countries top appeals court cleared Egypts ex President of any responsibility for the killing of people during the 2011 protest that ended his 30 year rule.

On 1981, U.S shoots down 2 Libyan aircrafts which challenged its warplanes over the Gulf of Sirte

On january 2007, Salafist groups for preaching and combat renames itself Al-Qaeda organisation in the islamic Maghreb in Algeria.

3 suspected suicide bombers blow themselves up in Casablanca in 2007

A united Nations report accuses the Saudi led coalition fighting Houthi rebels. in Yemen of killing and injuring hundreds of children. 2016

Council of the League of Nations recognize TransJordan as a state under British supervision in 1922

Nazi Holacaust of the jews in Europe try to migrate to Palestine Jewish harmed groups fought British authorities. In 1940

Iraq invades Kuwait, prompting what becomes known as the first Gulf War in 1990

Iraq and Syria restore diplomatic relations after nearly a quarter century in November 2006

Iran is rebuked by the IAEA for failing to fully cooperate with an inquiry into its nuclear activity in 2004 june.


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