is it always my fault?

Let's get started.

Life is hard for everyone.Everyone gets hurt feels upset or feels as if they are failing even those who you wouldn't expect to ever feel like that. But the big question that makes a difference between you and everyone else is 'How will you respond to a problem and how will it help you become a better person?' ,well if you unsure and have no idea where to start take this advice from me and hopefully I can help :)


lets look into more detail...........

We cant blame ourselves for everything that goes wrong. Yes sometimes we do things that cause us to fail like not revising for a test then getting a low mark but in other cases for example feeling as if you cant meet the standards of your parents,teachers or friends does not mean its always your fault.

lets have a think

When we have failed at something or feel like we have failed someone we tend to think about it a lot and we bottle it up inside and hope that it will some how 'magically' disappear

but we CAN solve the problem by TRYING AGAIN.

step by step

Trying again is easy. You just have to put your mind to it.

Sometimes we do things straight away and don't think about the preparation we might need to do or the consequence's after. This is the time when the word 'FAILURE' comes along and we feel like a total mess.

I've come up with some ideas and ways that may help you, Lets take a look

step 1


A lot of people find a big help is talking to someone you trust like one of your parents, a close family member, teacher or a friend .These people your surrounded by are there to help you and should talk to them if you have any concern's.

if you are having some troubles with keeping up with friends and the standards of your family try some of these tips-

  1. Ask a parent or someone trust if they can spare some time for you so you can talk about your problems
  2. if you are embarrassed or shy to talk to someone you can always write a letter explaining how you feel.
  3. You can always visit a councillor in school for some help, The word 'councillor ' might sound scary but there just there to help :).


If you feel as if you are struggling in school at keeping up with work try some of these tips-

  1. The best thing you can do for an exam or test is prepare yourself by this is mean making sure you have everything up to date and all the work completed so you know you have learnt everything you need to know.
  2. If you have missed any days of school or any lessons going to see the teacher afterwards is a massive help, it helps you get back on track.
  3. Don't be afraid to ask a teacher for help if you feel like your struggling because its their job to help us succeed.
  4. Every night it might help to go over your work so if there's anything you didn't understand in class you can work on it.

try some of these easy and helpful tips in this fun video-


Its so so important to make sure you look after yourself!!!!

  1. The night before an exam or an hour before you do your homework go and get some fresh air and clear you brain.
  2. keep reminding yourself how happy you will be after you've finished a test and you have achieved a positive mark.
  3. Try setting positive goals that you will be happy to achieve.

I really hope some of these tips and advice have helped you!

Here are some links you can try if you have any other issues or questions about anything else!! Good Luck.


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