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Wishbox Media is a company that comes up with creative ideas for storytelling and then helps you implement them. We tell stories in a way that leaves an impact. We use the latest tools and technologies to bring your story to life, whether it’s by videography or animation, by infographics or interactive maps.

We Create.

We tell your story using original techniques and imagination.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

We Innovate.

We value creativity and progress. We believe in initiatives that live on.

“Innovation is only innovation when it’s sustainable.“

We make your wishes come true


We provide storytelling packages and manage social media campaigns. We offer media trainings. We provide research and consulting services.


We guide individual clients and teams through a customized process of Story Design, including narrative storytelling. This could be a promotional video for your campaign or idea, a photography project, a custom designed research brief, infographics, GIFS and more. Give us your idea and we can make it fly. Our services provide you with a complete storytelling package: a ‘wish box’ tailored specifically to your media needs.

GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format)

GIFs are animation graphics that are quick and engaging. They're just one way we can help tell your story in a modern and visually appealing way.

We work with some of the best animators and artists across the world. Below is a GIF we designed for The Ideas Box — a portable media center created by Libraries without Borders, supported by the Alex Soros Foundation, that has been installed in host communities and refugee camps across the Middle East and Africa.

Interactive Map

Interactive maps visualize data, locations and bring information to life. Our interactive map sheds light on the media landscape in Jordan, allowing you to navigate through the country’s different media outlets and institutions.
Media Landscape in Jordan

Artwork and Posters

Whether its digital or hand drawn art, creative graphics or social media posters, we use art in a narrative form to tell stories. Using reporting and storytelling techniques, the viewer can follow a story or a journey through the art work. Hand drawn animation is not only visually compelling and unique in its presentation but also gives individuals the freedom to have their voice heard but not seen - ensuring privacy.
🎨 Mohammad Afefa


Wishbox Media helps you visualize data and communicate effectively. Infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly.
Information in this Wishbox Media Infograph was featured on CNN


A photo essay that profiles the work of individuals or organizations is a compelling visual representation in narrative form, while also displaying what is behind the photos and presenting facts. The focus is on the photography as a way of telling a story for powerful visual impact.
📸 Mandie Garcia
📸 Mandie Garcia


Videography is movement and an irreplaceable art. We plan, direct, shoot, edit and subtitle short videos that are impactful, dynamic and beautiful.

Media Trainings

We train aspiring journalists, writers, content creators and media professionals on a variety of topics dealing with the craft of journalism and new media. We help non-media professionals with their media presence and storytelling through interactive trainings and workshops.

We offer custom-tailored workshops on storytelling, photography, videography, creating infographics, designing GIFs and curating creative social media content including dynamic posts. For aspiring journalists and writers, we teach oped-writing, media ethics, feature writing and news writing. We also give instruction on fieldwork, research and interviewing skills. We have created our own teaching materials in both English and Arabic. Our workshops are available in English or Arabic and can be both long or short term. All our training sessions offer a hands-on and practical approach that is tailored to the specific needs of the attendees. Our workshops also feature guest speakers who are experts in their field.

Training at Leaders of Tomorrow youth organization.
Training at Ruwwad, a non-profit organization.

Research and Consulting Services

We offer custom-designed research briefs on the Middle East. If you want to know more about the region, we can guide you through the complex political, cultural, media and refugee issues. We provide you with a brief that includes a summary, facts, statistics, infographs and expert knowledge about these issues. The briefs are written by journalists, editors, policy makers, non-profit managers.
Samples of our Infographics

Social media campaigns

We help curate social meadia content for online campaigns. We help you deliver ideas and storytelling packages to the right audience by creating engaging and meaningful social media content for your online campaign. We follow up your campaign by presenting you with data analytics.

So, who are we?

Rana F. Sweis is the founder and managing director of WishBox Media. As a media professional for the past 17 years, she wanted to partner with organizations and creative professionals, both to find them opportunities and to channel her passion for media. She created Wishbox Media because she saw a need in the market for talented creatives to contribute to and connect with institutions, organizations, and individuals. Rana is also a freelance journalist for the New York Times and author of Voices of Jordan, a book dedicated to providing a compelling collage of contemporary Jordanian narratives. Rana holds an MA from the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University and a BA in Journalism from Hofstra University.
Arwa Omari is head of administration at Wishbox Media. She is responsible for curating Arabic content and also contributes ideas to storytelling packages. Arwa is a journalism graduate from Yarmouk University and has worked at the online new website Najem News.
We are always expanding our team of interns, with every new member of the team, we gain a new perspective. We know that each intern brings unique skills that have contributed greatly to the development of Wishbox Media, whether its grant writing, research, social media or design.

Our clients

We provide services to companies, institutions, organizations, non-profits and individuals.


Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports (PACES), is a UK based charity established in 2006. It provides healthy, structured after- school sports programs for Palestinian girls and boys ages 7-16 years, who live in refugee camps and the most marginalized and vulnerable areas in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon.

*Project featured here soon!


Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya is a non-profit community development organization that works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth volunteerism and grassroots organizing. The organization focuses on three main programs: Child Development, Youth Organizing and Community Support.

SIJAL Institute for Arabic Language and Culture

Sijal is an institute of Arabic language and culture founded by scholars of Arab culture, history, and society. Through their intensive Arabic program, they offer instruction at all levels for students seeking to learn Arabic in Jordan. The Institute also acts as a hub of intellectual and cultural events, bringing together scholars, artists, and specialists across a broad range of expertise and disciplines, for seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and informal conversation.

So, what keeps us going? What keeps our creative juices flowing?

Cats, coffee, books, travel and making your media wishes come true.


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