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WishBox is a media company that brings your story to life and tells it in a language that reaches the audience you want to engage with. We provide creative storytelling packages for your cause, initiative or product. We manage social media campaigns. We conduct a hands on approach to media and journalism training and provide expert research briefs on the Middle East. The professional training and research represents our aim to contribute to the media development landscape. The strength of Wishbox is its innovative approach and high quality experts who use the latest tools and technology.

We Connect.

We find the best experts and manage your project from beginning to end.

“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is key.”

We Create.

We tell your story using original techniques and imagination.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

We Innovate.

We value creativity and progress. We believe in initiatives that live on.

“Innovation is only innovation when it’s sustainable.“


We provide storytelling packages. We train and mentor. We research and write. We create and manage campaigns online.

Our Clients

We provides services to companies, institutions, organizations, non-profits and individuals.

We train aspiring reporters, content creators and media professionals on a variety of topics dealing with the craft of journalism and new media. We also offer custom-tailored workshops. We teach oped-writing, media ethics, feature writing, news writing including conducting field work, research and interviewing skills. We also offer workshops on videography, photography, creating infographs, GIF’s and basic dynamic posts and using social media effectively. The courses and workshops are available in English and Arabic.


Our strength is in our network. We work with some of the best animators and artists across the world including Omar Abdallat, founder of Free Pen. Omar creates GIF’s, cartoons, social media campaigns and conducts animation workshops. This screenshot photo is of a GIF created by Omar for our project entitled “The Ideas Box” — a portable media center created by Libraries without Borders and supported by the Alex Soros Foundation that has been installed in host communities and refugee camps across the Middle East and Africa.

Workshops using the latest technology.

We provide short-term and long-term media workshops and trainings. WishBox founder and managing director Rana F. Sweis is working with the World Association of Newspapers, Women in News program that trains mid-level media professionals from Jordan's news organizations. Women in News works with newspapers and their high potential female employees to overcome the gender gap in management and senior editorial positions.

Research briefs on current affairs in the Middle East.

We offer custom-designed research briefs on the Middle East. For those who want to know more about the region, we guide through the complex political, social, cultural, media and refugee issues. We provide you with a brief that includes facts, statistics, Infographs and expert knowledge about these issues. The briefs are written by journalists, policy makers, non-profit managers, editors and others just for you.

So, who are we?

Rana F. Sweis is the founder and managing director of WishBox Media. She is a freelance journalist for the New York Times. She led the Open Society Institute-sponsored Mapping Digital Media Study for Jordan. She is a media coach with the World Associastion of Newspapers, Women in News Program. She will be publishing a book in 2018, dedicated to providing a compelling collage of contemporary Jordanian narratives. Rana holds an MA from the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University and a BA in Journalism from Hofstra University.

Our Partners


For9a.com is FOR9A is a dynamic platform that provides free educational advice, training, capacity building, and skill development opportunities for young people living in the Middle East and North Africa.

Free Pen

Free Pen is the invention of Omar Abdallat, one of the most well-known and prominent political and social cartoonists in the Middle East.

Contemporary Artists

Wishbox Media collaborates with some of the most talented and contemporary artists and painters in the region to produce beautiful images and products.

J. Brothers PR

J.Brothers is PR agency bringing a fresh perspective to the media scene. Their simple and meaningful expertise and communication is what sets them apart and we work together to produce fantastic online campaigns.

So, what keeps us going? What keeps our creative juices flowing?

Cats, coffee, books, traveling and making your media wishes come true.

Wishbox is global in both reach and expertise.



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