Political and Economic Issues By Adeline

Political parties had not existed in the Republic of Texas

The Democratic Party was so strong in Texas that every governor that was elected between 1845 and 1857 was Democratic

By the 1850s, the Democratic Party had split into two rival factions

Former U.S. president Amdrew Jackson was a Democrat and had supported the annexation of Texas

The Republican Party believed that slaves should be banned from all states and territories in the United States

Another major political party in Texas was the Whig Party, who stood for banking and large businesses,many had opposed the annexation of Texas

The American Party was more commonly known as the " Know-Nothing Party " because when the me,bears were asked questions about it by outsiders, they answered " I know nothing ".

Elected in 1849, governor Peter Hansborg Bell tried to add New Mexico to Texas

At the time of annexation, Texas owed about $10 million in debt
By 1898 there was no unclaimed land in Texas

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